Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reach For The Moon, And You Shall Fly...


In case you didn't hear, President Barack Obama is planning to make school days longer, and Summer Vacations shorter. Why? Simply because the United States of America is way behind the students around the glove. 25 - 30% behind. And that may not sound like a huge percentage difference, but really, it is. A lot. Now here is where my "multiple personality disorder" (which I don't really have, but should) comes into work. Half of me is thinking, "NO WAY. ARE YOU SERIOUS?" and the other half of me agrees completely. We live in a society today that is summarised by irresponsibility, teen pregnacy, a place where education is not the top priority. We need to change that. After all, (and this may sound very cliche), we are the future. When all the other generations are gone, we will have grown up and this generation will ... rule. Like the indians say, "The world is not yours. You borrow it from your children." And in a sense, that is true. When you are gone, the world is all in the hands of ... well, us. And that is why education is so important.

Can you believe it? All the historical figures in the world: Albert Einstein, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Socates, Aristotle, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison.. (the list goes on), were nothing more than what we are today: students who sat in school each and every day. Students who may have walked the same land as you. Maybe. And they were not so much different than us. Heck, for all you know, Thomas Edison was a pervert. "We begin all the same way. Learn the same things. But what you do with what you learn, that, is what distinguishes you from the rest of the world." - (Candice A. Anderson;me.)

You don't set goals for other people. You don't do things to impress others. You don't get good grades for your parents. You do it all for yourself. And in the end, hard work pays off. I promise.

So what do you think?
Goodnight for now.

I hope my rant was inspirational.


Candice Audrey Anderson(:

P.S. About Columbus Day & Christopher Columbus, why do we have a holiday for a jerk who loved slavery? He didn't even discover America, "the New World". He wasn't even the first European to discover the Western Hemisphere. I mean, what kind of explorer was he? He got lost 7/10 trips. (My Social Studies teacher taught us all this.) So yeah. Adieu for today.

P.P.S. We have another volleyball game tomorrow. Wish us luck. (Mainly, me, because I'm athletically challenged most of the time. )

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It Won't Last Forever...


Sometimes life is like a dagger through your heart.

And your choices haunt your everyday soul.

But you go on, push those thoughts into

the back of your closet and continue to live like it's no big deal.

Like you're fooling someone.

Your not,

and at the end of the day, you get those things out of your closet

and you savour them

because they are the choices that you have to live with.

so you breathe

source of photos - itsirrational

words/poetry/prose - by Candice A. Anderson

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Your Life Average?

Here are my top 3 favourite MLIAs of today.
  • "Today, my Latin teacher told us to get into groups of three and practice vocab with each other using flash cards. The thing is, what she actually told us was, 'Get into a threesome and flash each other.' We all snickered. She didn't get it. MLIA."

  • "Today, while in the cafeteria, I noticed my nemesis sitting on the opposite end of the room. Out of spite, I pretended to use the force to choke him. (like Darth Vadar). At that moment, he began to choke on a Frito. I have never been more satisfied in my life. MLIA."

  • "Today I got back a time capsule envelope that I wrote to myself ages ago. Inside there was ripped up pieces of paper. I was about to throw it away when I noticed a note from me saying, "The pieces of paper are a puzzle. DO IT!" Past-me made present-day-me's day. MLIA."

Comment idea: What happened to you today that made you laugh out loud?


Mood:ehhSo in case you didn't know, our computer is broken. So I get to use my dad's office laptop; it works pretty well but I miss our computer, the songs on my Itunes, and the big monitor... Anyway, it's complicated. I'm just letting yall know that I'm not dead if I happen to not post in a long time.

Today there was no volleyball practice because Coach had a doctor's appointment. I mean, finally! It was the first time that I got to ride the bus home after school since school started. I finally got to chill, although "chill" is not really the right term. We have three tests tomorrow, and 2 huge projects to work on this weekend.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, though. On the 30th, it's gonna be Tori's birthday ( And also her twin's (October). I got their presents, I hope they like it! I will tell you what I got them after their party on Saturday because Tori is probably reading this right now... So yeah. Busy weekend. Aww man, I got volleyball practice again tomorrow! DON'T THEY KNOW THAT WE HAVE A LIFE? Gawwwsh. I mean really. We have a game every Monday and Wednesday and every day that we DON'T have a game, we have practice until 5:00pm. Oh, and on game days we usually get home at 8:00pm.

I'm falling behind on my novel, HOPE IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS. I haven't worked on it at all. I'm standing between Writer's Block and lack-of-inspiration. Inspire me, please?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Follow Me [Into The Dark]

Here, I have posted my most recent work. Inspiration was much needed. I also have this on my photography blog, but not a lot of you have followed yet, so I thought that I'd copy & paste it only my main blog. So please, comment, critique, and follow the other one! You know you want to.(:



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Journal,


One teacher that I am beginning to dislike this year is my Language Arts teacher, Ms. B. Literature, reading, and writing are a part of my passion. But Ms. B gets on my nerves sometimes. First of all, she gave 3 essay assignments in less than a week during the first week of school. Second of all, she is OBSESSED with this Hope Diamond (Google it). She has a shirt, a fake diamond necklace of it, and a huge paper Hope Diamond necklace! Is she insane (in a bad way, unlike me) or what?! Third of all, And sometimes, just sometimes, she seems so fake, like she's trying so hard to be that inspirational teacher you see in movies. She's not. She's the annoying one. My friend was trying to get a chair in her class because she didn't have a chair and Ms. B started yelling at her. Nobody likes her.

journal: a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

diary: a personal journal (as a physical object)

So you can understand why I'm not feeling this journal thing that we have to do in her class. We have to write honestly in our journals (notebooks). "Pour your heart out", she says. "Put a star next to the pages that you want me to read and fold the pages that you want to be private. I promise not to read those pages; I'll just open and look to see that you've written enough but I won't read it..."

I don't buy that. How do we know that she won't secretly read them? It's not like we'll be in the classroom when she reads our "journals". We'll be at home. Besides, isn't a journal & diary supposed to be private? I have kept and collected journals my whole life, wrote in them, poured out my heart, but they are all private. Pour out my heart, for you? Sorry crazy lady, no way. So I'm being kind of mean, but my thoughts are private. Like, 'if I poured out my heart, then there would be some things you wish you'd never read' private.

So what do you think about this whole ordeal my friend?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crooked - Act I/Scene I


copyright © Candice Audrey Anderson. All rites reserved. (O_o)


by Candice A. Anderson

OPENING SCENE: The camera scans the front of MERRIAM WILLIS PREPARATORY FOR YOUNG LADIES on the upper east side of Manhattan where girls were being dropped off by their chauffeur driven limos and million dollar Ferraris. The girls are dressed from head to toe of designer labels, preppy outfits, and plaid headbands that could be donated to schools in Africa - instead, they hug the size 0 waists of preparatory girls walking in through the Merriam Willis Prep school gates. The camera pans in to the two girls sitting on the brick stairs by the main doorway. One girl [Alex] is wearing a brown blazer, a kiwi green sleeveless cardigan of silk and shiny black buttons that she sewed herself, purple plaid headband and white skinny jeans. She looks pretty good, considering that she made all her clothes herself. The girl beside her [Marina] is wearing just a regular polo t-shirt, a vintage blazer that Alex made her, and a navy blue skirt with yellow tights.

[note: Alex is 5'5", chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, long legs, average, but she looks pulled together. She's also on scholarship at Merriam's and but lives in Brooklyn.]

[note: Marina, her only friend, is 5'8", blond hair, blue eyes, basically, looks like a freakin' model, but is incredibly self conscious. Her dad is the head CEO of a huge company.]

Marina: Are you nervous? How do I look?

{Marina looks around her at what seemed like millions of gorgeous models. It was the first day of school and they were going to be Freshmen.}

Alex (Rolling her eyes): Like a freakin' Victoria Secret's model. C'mon, Rina. I can't wait! And we shouldn't have to! Hurry up!

{Alex drags Marina through the wide open doors of the prep toward the freshman closets where the other Freshmen were headed. They push past the new first graders and seniors}

The camera scans the thrifty hallways of the prep, following the senior girls who are heading upstairs to the Grand Senior Hall and then back to Alex and Marina who were dragging their way past ton of girls. Finally, they get to their "lockers" a.k.a. their own walk-in closets. The camera scans the closets of some of the other girls, which were stuffed with Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Chanel, Fendi, and Armani clothes and handbags more than you could ever imagine. Alex and Marina open their lockers with their ID cards. Then flash back to Alex's closet, which is full of her own designed clothes and vintage accessories. Flash to Marina's closet, which 1/4 of it is being used. As they are putting their stuff down, they talk.

Alex: Oh my gosh. I cannot believe that Summer is already OVER. I wish I could've gone to Fiji with you. I did nothing did Summer!

Marina: Yeah, I know. In a way, I'm really glad school started this early. My summer was horrible. I mean, my dad was making business calls the whole time we were there and Lori was dragging me to go tanning and swimming and do everything with her. It was painful.

{Lori is Marina's 5th step-mom}

Alex: Well, at least you went somewhere. I just stayed home with my mom and Owen and we did absolutely nothing. I just sewed some new things, and worked on my room. That's it though.

Marina: Hey, you got to spend time with your hot older brother Owen, so that has to count for something. Besides, you didn't have to deal with the step-monster so stop whining.

Girl #1: Hey did you guys hear that Lisa vanWoodlocke got pregnant this year?

Girl #2 Yeah, I heard that she was in California and hit it off with the lifeguard. She got an abortion before school started though.

Alex (muttering to herself): Yeah and I also heard that you guys should keep other people's names out of your mouths but maybe you haven't heard yet. (louder) You ready to go to the Orientation Hall Marina? It starts in 3 minutes so hurry up!

Marina: Just a minute, Lex...

Alex (stomps her feet, visibly impatient): Rina!

{Marina checks her hair in the mirror and brushes it with a comb 15 times before she finally sets it down.}

Marina: Okay, okay, okay, let's go!

End of scene one


Yeah, so I'm not the best screenwriter around, but I hope you'll look forward to the next scene. I heard somewhere that working on different projects help you through writer's block. So I'm trying that. I'm not sure why I chose to write a screenplay though. But it's pretty fun, and I suggest it to you! Tell me what you think/thought of scene 1 of CROOKED.

Love, Candy

Monday, September 14, 2009

iLike To Knit


Today: Our 8th grade volleyball team won the first volleyball game of the season! A great way to start off the season! But I feel so weak compared to the rest of the team. I mean, I've become better over the Summer, but the rest of the team has grown tremendously, and I just wish I could do better. You see, some people just have a natural talent for sports. I don't. So I have to work harder than everyone else. I have a natural talent to literature, writing, prose, academics, and music.

and also: I am currently loving my 6th hour. Everyone is knitting scarves right now. My mom bought a whole bag of fuzzy yarn, and right after this post, I'm going to continue knitting my scarve. I promise that I'll take a pic and show you guys once I'm done with it, but it's going to have to take a while because I'm not an old lady who has too much time on her hands. I think it's cool that we're learning how to knit, and that we're donating these to the homeless. After knitting these scarves, we're going to be making dog biscuits for the Humane Society. I'm so happy! If you have any more volunteer ideas, be sure to comment and tell me so I can suggest it to my teacher!

-In Algebra, our teacher Mr. Green is reviewing us. So we haven't gotten our HEAVY Algebra books yet, like the other classes. Mr. Green is so funny and awesome. All of my teachers are nice this year. I dislike my Language Arts teacher though. Ms. B gave us three assignments in less than a week - she gives too much homework. Today, my whole core 4 broke the school rules. We chewed gum in school today. Haha...but the cool part about it was that it was a science lab. We were supposed to find out how much sugar was in a pack of gum. So that was fun.

So far, I'm having a great year. Last one before high school. Make it your best!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Short Post



Okay, I'm done now. (:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

iThink I'm Going To Like 8th Grade


第一天学校过去的很快。早晨,我的好朋友‘飞夺理啊’和他的双茅台接我上学。啊~~~我真的不想醒我们已经在八年级啦!我和我的好朋友。。。咱们叫他 “娜娜”,吧,坐在第一排。数学老师是我去年的老师;我好高兴啊!!!第一天学校都是特别无聊。老师只讲话,然后给你那么多是挑染你的家长签字的!哎呀!第二个小时,我们得换到别的教师。可是,我谁都不知道!只有一个朋友在那个办理我知道的。但是他没有跟我坐在一起。我只能自己坐在一个凳子上等着老师讲完话。两个小时过去啦之后,是十点半。我和我的好朋友终于又见面了。车晚饭,我回到数学的教堂里,跟我的朋友。老师再发许多要拿回家的纸条。真累啊!第五个小时:乐队。第六个小时/足额后个小个:哇~~~我以为会特别没意思那。我错了。我们要给贫民区的小孩子们作为近,给三只腿的动物做吃的,给病的小孩子们做卡;然后送到医院里。我真高新!

First day of school was exactly like I suspected. It was raining cats, dogs, and elephants this morning - a great way to start off the year! I got a ride with Tori & her sisters to school. For first hour, I have Algebra with October - Tori's twin. Mr. Green, my math teacher from last year transferred up to the 8th grade so I was pretty happy about that. Mr. Green is awesome. Mrs. Green can speak Chinese. 2nd hour, none of my friends were in my class. But all of my teachers are pretty funny. My language arts teacher, a little old woman (haha, at least to us), even listens to rap. I mean woah. I didn't expect that. She suspects that 2pac is still alive. Then for lunchtime only two out of 5 of my best friends has my lunch. The thing I hate most about the first day, always, are the lectures. And all the papers that you have to bring home to sign. I have a 2 day assignment already. I mean what is that about? Then band. Now off with the boring stuff, people! Okay, so I thought that my elective, Community Leadership & Services was going to be boring. Turns out I was wrong...again. A lot of my friends are in that class. I thought we were just going to do boring community service. But actually, we're going to bake stuff and turn the money in for a great cause, we're also going to make doggie biscuits for the Humane Society, make cards for children in hospitals, and our first project is knitting scarves for homeless teens. I know which class I'm going to look forward to this quarter. (:

I hope everyone had a great Labour Day and an even better first day of school.

With love,

P.S. The first paragraph: I wanted to practice using my "native language", Chinese, more. So that's why I wrote in Chinese at the top. In case you're wondering, it states mostly what I blogged about in English in this post.

go there(:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

P&C Photography


Hello my fellow readers, 'tis Candy and I just wanted everyone to check out my new photography blog! Feel free to follow. Just click the link!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

P.S. Please rate my blog on a scale of 1-5, (5 being the best, of course). You can find the little poll at the very bottom of the sidebar. Thank you, my little minions, for having interesting in what I have to say. You guys rock so much, you make stones jealous!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Macquerie Island

I may or may not have forgotten to tell you guys, but i went to Island Macquerie this week. It's a little island about 8 miles around and it is simply gorgeous. My mom, dad, Sophia, and I went there, and it is rare to have a vacation where we are all there;because my dad travels a lot; he is the University of (Stalkers aren't cool) men's assistant gymnastics coach;so the team travels a lot for competitions. I hate getting off topic.

We lived in a hotel off the island because the ones on the island we uber expensive;Comfort Suites. I had to really rush that morning and make sure I had all my stuff ready to go because at 8:00am I had to get a sports physical and then at 9:00am I had to rush to my school and turn in the emergency card, get my schedule and all that.

The drive was 4 and a half hours long. Or so said Mapquest. But my dad is a pretty fast driver, so we got there in three. On the first night, we explored Macquerie. (It is a city; in the state where I live; at the very tip of the state.) My mom has never been ther before so we showed her around. The water is the purest, so clear, and so beautiful. Macquerie is famous for their fudge. At night, we went to Macquerie Crossings and watched the outdoor laser show. It was spectacular. I felt like we were in a club or something. Super cool, even though I don't have any pictures to show you.

On the second night, we spent basically the whole day there. We rode a ferry over to the island. Of course, it was beautiful. The houses, the lake, the horses... imagine Westeria Lane. Now make it into an island. Yeah. It smelled like horse poo, but it was worth it and at least it wasn't as bad as last year. I felt like I was back in time. No cars, no motor vehicles except for boats. For lunch, we ate at an irish pub on the island. I couldn't make my mom go into the haunted house.

We also fed Funyuns to the seagulls. It's nice to know that they have good taste in junk food. We rented bikes and rode all the way around the island. The whole 8 miles. A very historical place. I almost fell off the stairs on the way up to the arch stone (see picture above of the big hole.) Sophia fell asleep while we were bike riding. I guess she got tired of the perfect peacefulness of it.

Taking pictures was fun.

Sorry for the photo spam. (:

On the Macquerie Bridge.

Don't bother trying to search up Macquerie, or Macquerie Island. I changed the Macquerie part. To protect the innocent people from the weirdo stalkers out there. Mainly, to protect me. Not much of a literary post, but I hope you do enjoy the photos though.

You know you love me,
The Candy Countess(:

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