Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top 10 Albums of 2010

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10. Selfish Machines - Pierce the Veil

9. What Is Love - Never Shout Never

8. Revolver - The Beatles

7. Blink 182 - Blink 182

6. Favorite Worst Nightmares - Arctic Monkeys

5. Down the Way - Angus & Julia Stone

3. Our Endless Numbered Days - Iron & Wine

2. Songs for Young Lovers/Swing Easy - Frank Sinatra

1. Lungs - Florence and the Machine

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Greetings - from all around the world! :)

So this post is a bit late, but it'll do. :] These are all my friends (two that I do know in real life, but mostly awesome people who I've met over the internet and have become friends with) that I sent my greeting cards to. Uhmm... yup! ^.^

From Oklahoma:
Dear Meaganmuffin, 
I miss you so much! It seems like yesterday that I left Norman and came here. I'm so glad that we've kept in touch through all of the years. You will always remain one of my best friends, no matter what. :) I trust you had a great Christmas!

From Nevada:
Dearest Bernie, 
Somewhere between the years that we started chatting again on Facebook and such, we've become really close. We didn't really talk much in 5th grade - we were both super quiet ^^". But I'm so lucky to have a friend like you! You are epically awesome and Azn ;) and you really give amazing advice. And you're a great listener. Basically, you're just pretty wicked brilliant. I miss you a great deal and you should come visit again! Beware that I will attack you with hugs, though I know you've told me you're not a hugger, but still. xD Haha, I hope you had an awesome Christmas! 

From Texas:
Dear Adriana/indie-music and vintage buddeh,
Thing is, I know that if we actually knew each other in real life, we'd be best friends. We have so many things in common! I met you during my very first year of blogging, while stumbling upon your own blog. You inspire me with your amazing portrait photography and you're a super cool person too, with a unique and spunky peronality. ^.^ May the force be with you, my fellow Jedi Knight. xD Hope you had an awesome Christmas! 

From Washington: 
Dear Hannah
You have become so many things to me over the year. Even though I don't know you in real life, I know if I did, I would consider you to be the older sister I never had. :) I am so honoured to say that you really taught me all I know about photography. You're simply amazing. And you're a great friend, too! You inspire and motivate me. I trust you had an amazing Christmas! :)

From NSW, Australia:
Dear Rosa
You were one of my first followers and 'followees' when I first started blogging. You are amazing at photography - digital and film and I think you were one of the few people who really got me into photography. And of course, I always have to mention that I'm super jealous of your wicked brilliant art skills. Like, seriously. :D Oh yeah, and the fact that you're Australian and have an Australian accent makes you 10x cooler. I hope we'll get to know each other more through the new year. ^.^ I hope you had a great Christmas! :) 

From Indiana:
Dear Ashley,
I remember when I came across your Tumblr, I was like "ohmygosh this girl is a teen too and she likes Frank Sinatra like me (maybe even more); we should just be best friends right now." I think if we actually knew each other in real life, we would be awesome friends. We would talk about how fabulous Frank Sinatra is 24/7. Thanks for giving me tips on the Frank Sinatra albums, movies and swing music when I was getting ready to buy my very first FS albums and being excited about talking to me about anything Frank. But enough about Frank for now. You seem like a super cool person, though I don't exactly know you, but I am so honoured to say that you are one of my closest internet friends. ^.^ I hope you had a awesome Christmas and New Year. Keep swingin'!

[Not picture: Alexa]
From Arizona,
Dear Alexa,
Even though your dog ate your 8GB memory card (on noez! Bad doggy! ;p hahaha), I thought I would drive a lil' thing to you anyways. Hmm... where do I begin? Honestly, you were the very first person who really inspired me to do photography. I remember stumbling upon your photography blog one day and saying, "Wow. She's the same age as me and her photography is amazing! I want to do photography too!" I remember commenting on all your photos saying, "I'm so jealous of your photo-taking skills!" Honestly, I still am... but just a lil' bit. ;) You are definitely one of my best internet friends. And you really awesome, funny and have a unique personality! I hope you had an awesome Christmas! Don't ever stop shooting. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Doodling in Math Class

Watch these if you're bored and have nothing better to do... which, obviously, if you're here on my blog, reading this post, means that you are, and you don't. So click the play button! :) 
*And, like always, don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom of my blog!

Vi Hart is a mathemusician currently living on Long Island, NY. To learn more about her and the creative stuff that she does, click this. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a holly, jolly Christmas!


Love to all my followers. 
I love you all! 
Merry Christmas! I hope you have a magical one!
Now tell me, what did Santa bring you? ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

sailing away in the sun

New mix I made on 8tracks. My second one, actually. I meant to post my first mix but I never got around to it. ^.^ Take a listen? :) Just pause the music player at the bottom of the blog first. 

When you feel like closing your eyes and floating away from the rest of the world...
Ten tracks including music by Angus & Julia StoneBon Iver and Fanfarlo.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 Songs to Soothe a Broken Heart


I adore girls with guitars. There’s something very empowered about them. This is a list about getting over a guy. I dug through my records to assemble a bunch of tunes featuring girl singers addressing that guy who just made out with your best friend, that guy who just up and left you (and said it was Him, not You), that guy who tore your heart out and drove off in your car. Download the list, get a nice bottle of wine (if you’re of age!), and it will all look better by morning.
I’m All Right” by Madeleine Peyroux 
I love this song. It’s about the things we do to convince ourselves that we’re going to survive the breakup, like try and remember all the annoying things about the guy.
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” by Cat Powers 
A classic “What am I doing with this guy?” song sung by an indie torch singer…beautiful.
Girl in a Car” by Kim Richie 
A song about packing up the car and leaving and how bad that feels. I discovered Kim Richie recently and I listened to this song ten times in a row.
Wake Up Alone” by Amy Winehouse
Enough said.
Somewhere Down The Road” by Feist
This song, from The Hottest State soundtrack, is about looking back at a relationship, remembering how truly awful you were together, but somehow still missing that guy. Leslie Feist is exquisite. Tissues required.
I Changed the Locks” by Lucinda Williams
Lucinda is the queen of “cheatin’and hurtin’” songs. This is one of my faves. I think she means it this time.
Something Stupid” by Nancy Sinatra
Another classic “Gee, I wish I hadn’t said that, now he knows how I feel” songs. Nancy does it best. They always have this on the jukebox in bars where girls go to drown their sorrows. Make sure you check.
Walk a Mile” by Holly Go-Lightly
I always like to pair Something Stupid with this one. Holly is fantastic. She’s British, cheeky, and she has a great attitude. I discovered her while digging through Jack White’s stuff.
Talk of the Town” by Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh has the prettiest voice. This song is about a girl who’s left holding the bag in a small town.
Bonfires” by Ricki Lee Jones
Ricki wrote this song to help her get over someone who broke her heart. The first time I heard it, I wept.
All of the above text © via. (
One of my most favourite books ever! Check it out! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Music Fires Up Emotions in the Brain

While you're reading the article below, listen to this! Be sure to pause the player at the bottom of the page! :)

Article by Rick Nauert PHD, in PsychCentral

In a new study using brain imaging, researchers have identified how key aspects of musical performance cause emotion-related brain activity.

Edward Large, Ph.D., the study’s principal investigator, and Heather Chapin, Ph.D., the lead author, believe that their study pinpoints how musical performances charge up the brain’s emotional centers, and said that their technique will lead to new ways of studying responses to music and other emotional stimuli.
The researchers first recorded an expert musician’s performance of Frédéric Chopin’s Étude in E-Major, Op. 10, No. 3 on a computerized piano (the “expressive” performance), then they synthesized a version of the same piece using a computer, without the human performance nuances (the “mechanical” performance).
Both versions had the same musical elements — melody, harmony, rhythm, average tempo and loudness — and both were recorded on the same piano.
But only the expressive performance included dynamic changes in tempo and loudness, the performance variations that pianists use to evoke emotional responses. In the listening study, Large and Chapin used participants with an affinity for music.
They combined behavioral analysis with fMRI neuroimaging, a specialized MRI scan which measures change in blood flow related to neural activity in the brain, as participants listened to both performances. The listening study was conducted in three parts.
First, participants reported their emotional responses in real-time using specialized computer software. Immediately after providing their emotion ratings, they were placed in the fMRI and instructed to lie motionless in the scanner with their eyes closed and asked to listen to both versions of the music without reporting their emotional response. Immediately following the fMRI, they performed the emotion rating assignment again.
“We deliberately implemented these three steps in our study to ensure the consistency of the emotions our participants reported in the behavioral study with the results of the fMRI,” said Large.
The fMRI served as a critical tool to examine which areas of the brain “lit up” in response to the music. The analysis of brain activity compared responses to the expressive performance with responses to the mechanical performance, and responses of experienced listeners with those of inexperienced listeners. It also compared the tempo changes of the performance to the brain activations of listeners in real-time.
The results from this study have confirmed the hypothesis that the human touch of an expressive performance by a skilled pianist evokes emotion and reward-related neural activity. Furthermore, musically experienced listeners were found to have increased activity in the emotion and reward centers of the brain.
“Our experienced listeners were not professional musicians, but did have experiences performing music, such as singing in a choir or playing in a band,” said Large.
“The fMRI data suggests that experienced listeners get a greater charge out of the music, although we can’t say from this data whether the increased neural activation is due to their experience or whether these individuals seek out musical experiences because they derive greater pleasure from music.”
Perhaps most interestingly, the results also revealed neural activity that followed performance nuances in real-time.
These activations occurred in the motor networks of the brain that are thought to be responsible for following the beat of the music and in the brain’s mirror neuron system. The human mirror neuron system appears to play a fundamental role in both understanding and imitating action. This system is “fired up” when someone observes an action they can do being performed by someone else.
“It had previously been theorized that the mirror neuron system provides a mechanism through which listeners feel the performer’s emotion, making musical communication a form of empathy,” said Large. “Our results tend to support that hypothesis.”
The study is published in the journal PLoS One

Sunday, December 19, 2010

As promised... pictures!


My... very pink cake. Too pink for my tastes, but it was really good! :)
So I love all of these people... ♥ 
Haha, Fluffy's totally loving being completely surrounded by girls. ;)
That photo stand thingy is awesome! :O And it spins! So entertaining! :D
Harry Potter Keychain from my Gryffindor buddy! :3
This card is so awesome, I want to eat it! :O 
Skye is awesome. I love this poster so much. 

and this. <--- Thanks so much Mom and Dad! :DDD 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the faults of first love.

and I’m happy for him - good for you. And I can try to act like it doesn’t hurt. But it does, just a little bit. Just a little bit…
and I don’t have any more feelings for you, because I know in the future, there will be someone who will make me as happy as Frank Sinatra does (okay, well… maybe not as happy as Frank, but close enough to that. ;D) And there are already guys who want to chase me… except I’m done caring about boys; they’re stupid and unintelligent. I’m happy I finally get to go back to focusing on being an overachiever. ;)
But it hurts a little hearing and seeing you say the things to her that you’ve once said to me; it makes me wonder if those things you said were true. I don’t know her, but she seems like a nice girl. And I’m happy, really really happy for you two…
First love. That’s what it’s called. But I wasn’t one of those naive girls who thought it would last forever. I knew it would end. I knew for every happy, love song that reminded me of you, there would be two more sad, broken songs that would remind me of you. That’s life. And that’s why it’s called first love.
But I won’t look back, ever. No regrets. 
Because boy, I’m not broken yet. ♥


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Gosh, I can't believe I'm already fifteen. I feel no different. :)
No reflections as of yet, but this year has been an amazing year full of risk-taking and excitements.
Happy days and confusing ones. Sad days and amazing ones. 
It was been a year full of experience, endings, and new beginnings. 
I hope this new year will be even more amazing. ♥ 


Today, I spent the day with some of my most favourite people, making cookies and chilling. Saturday, all of my closest friends are coming over for my birthday party! Pictures WILL be taken and posted! xD 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The first sightings of snow
in December 
to cherish a new start,
a new day.
Falling, twirling, swirling 
around me
like tiny white fairies
dancing in the air 
so eloquently.
Church bells ringing in the distance.
Streets covered with snow.
Then the cries of a child
who has lost 
Blood stains the white snow.

*A poem I wrote on December 1st. Snow fell that day and I felt the need to write about it. Except at the end, I wanted to add something... horrible to make the poem more, unique. A surprise ending, persay, to the seemingly innocent poem. I hope you guys liked it. Tell me, has it snowed where you guys lived yet? 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ol' Blue Eyes!


On this fair day, the greatest and most perfect man (other than Jesus himself) who walked this earth was born...

and he was so named....


People knew him as Ol' Blue Eyes, The Voice, The Chairman of the Board, Frankie, Francis, and Francis Albert. 

And he's done some bad things, but more good than bad.

Had an amazing family and with three gorgeous children.

And made some amazing friends along the way.

And continued to create great music (great? What an understatement!) music until his death in 1998.

Dear Ol' Blue Eyes would be 95 today. 

He lived his life, and he did it his way

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