Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Greetings - from all around the world! :)

So this post is a bit late, but it'll do. :] These are all my friends (two that I do know in real life, but mostly awesome people who I've met over the internet and have become friends with) that I sent my greeting cards to. Uhmm... yup! ^.^

From Oklahoma:
Dear Meaganmuffin, 
I miss you so much! It seems like yesterday that I left Norman and came here. I'm so glad that we've kept in touch through all of the years. You will always remain one of my best friends, no matter what. :) I trust you had a great Christmas!

From Nevada:
Dearest Bernie, 
Somewhere between the years that we started chatting again on Facebook and such, we've become really close. We didn't really talk much in 5th grade - we were both super quiet ^^". But I'm so lucky to have a friend like you! You are epically awesome and Azn ;) and you really give amazing advice. And you're a great listener. Basically, you're just pretty wicked brilliant. I miss you a great deal and you should come visit again! Beware that I will attack you with hugs, though I know you've told me you're not a hugger, but still. xD Haha, I hope you had an awesome Christmas! 

From Texas:
Dear Adriana/indie-music and vintage buddeh,
Thing is, I know that if we actually knew each other in real life, we'd be best friends. We have so many things in common! I met you during my very first year of blogging, while stumbling upon your own blog. You inspire me with your amazing portrait photography and you're a super cool person too, with a unique and spunky peronality. ^.^ May the force be with you, my fellow Jedi Knight. xD Hope you had an awesome Christmas! 

From Washington: 
Dear Hannah
You have become so many things to me over the year. Even though I don't know you in real life, I know if I did, I would consider you to be the older sister I never had. :) I am so honoured to say that you really taught me all I know about photography. You're simply amazing. And you're a great friend, too! You inspire and motivate me. I trust you had an amazing Christmas! :)

From NSW, Australia:
Dear Rosa
You were one of my first followers and 'followees' when I first started blogging. You are amazing at photography - digital and film and I think you were one of the few people who really got me into photography. And of course, I always have to mention that I'm super jealous of your wicked brilliant art skills. Like, seriously. :D Oh yeah, and the fact that you're Australian and have an Australian accent makes you 10x cooler. I hope we'll get to know each other more through the new year. ^.^ I hope you had a great Christmas! :) 

From Indiana:
Dear Ashley,
I remember when I came across your Tumblr, I was like "ohmygosh this girl is a teen too and she likes Frank Sinatra like me (maybe even more); we should just be best friends right now." I think if we actually knew each other in real life, we would be awesome friends. We would talk about how fabulous Frank Sinatra is 24/7. Thanks for giving me tips on the Frank Sinatra albums, movies and swing music when I was getting ready to buy my very first FS albums and being excited about talking to me about anything Frank. But enough about Frank for now. You seem like a super cool person, though I don't exactly know you, but I am so honoured to say that you are one of my closest internet friends. ^.^ I hope you had a awesome Christmas and New Year. Keep swingin'!

[Not picture: Alexa]
From Arizona,
Dear Alexa,
Even though your dog ate your 8GB memory card (on noez! Bad doggy! ;p hahaha), I thought I would drive a lil' thing to you anyways. Hmm... where do I begin? Honestly, you were the very first person who really inspired me to do photography. I remember stumbling upon your photography blog one day and saying, "Wow. She's the same age as me and her photography is amazing! I want to do photography too!" I remember commenting on all your photos saying, "I'm so jealous of your photo-taking skills!" Honestly, I still am... but just a lil' bit. ;) You are definitely one of my best internet friends. And you really awesome, funny and have a unique personality! I hope you had an awesome Christmas! Don't ever stop shooting. :)


Poetry of the Day said...

candy trading is such a cool idea =]

HannahGirl said...

Pearl of Candy.
I have no idea what to say, you could not have said sweeter things and you've left me speechless.
Thank you for being the little sister I never had. :)
<3 ya!

rosanguyen said...


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