Sunday, October 23, 2011

and she spins stars into the sky.


october wind
leaves in my hair
the little girl spins and spins and
s p i n s 
weaving stars in the sky
until the pile of crinkly autumn leaves
fall at her feet.
fairy dust and glitter
in her eyes
the boy walks over, 
 their eyes light up.
i can almost hear their heartbeat
bu-thump bu-thump bu-thump
hugs. laughter. kisses.
the world is full of beauty.
how simple love is. how beautiful. how kind.
but my arms are the only ones that will hug me.
so i wrap my coat tighter around my body
and walk away quietly,
the sound of laughter drowning in my mind.
what about me
what about me

Sunday, October 2, 2011

a quiet autumn - an autumn playlist for you.


These beautiful songs will make you feel all warm and cozy inside. 

The Quiet Autumn

I adore Autumn. It has to be my favourite season, though where I live, it seems rather short because Winters here are so incredibly long. I love so many things about autumn. Halloween, apple cider, warm fuzzy sweaters, the smells, the colours, everything... Nevertheless, here are some of my favourite things about Autumn.

1. Pumpkins
image via. tumblr.

2. Changing Leaves
autumn ride via. ming chai on flickr

3. Bonfires 
image via. weheartit
4. Cozy sweaters and scarves

image via. tumblr.

5. Halloween

6. Hot chocolate
image via. weheartit

I can't wait to take pictures of all the pretty leaves with Ron (my camera).

fuzzy sweaters and autumn clothing


My Bill Cosby sweater and colourful beanie. Autumn is here. I adore autumn.
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