Monday, February 28, 2011

The Definition of Perfection

"What is with the world’s fucking obsession with being perfect?  Talk perfect. Look perfect. Act perfect. There are all these people hiding behind cameras and glossy magazine articles and preaching that no one is perfect; everyone is beautiful inside and out and in their own way.  But take one look at the thin, blond model who is spitting these words through her whitened, braces-corrected teeth or the handsome, well groomed New York reporter typing away at his expensive Mac Computer and you know that this “perfectly imperfect” thing is bullshit.
Even from a young age you’re taught to be what society views as perfect.  You watch the same television shows and flip through the same fucking ads in the newspaper advertising diet pills and plastic surgeons and “Find Out How To Achieve The Perfect Oscar Winning Body.” You’re preprogrammed by the time that you’re ready to switch from Sesame Street to Hannah Montana to All My Children.  
On the news they show you pictures of people just like yourself.  People with normal hair and bad skin and coffee stained teeth.  During commercial breaks you watch made up actresses with luscious hair living “normal” lives in ads for television shows and movies.  They’re the model Americans or Brits or Canadians or citizens of whatever place you reside in.  If they can be so perfect, so can you, right?  
All you need is a white picket fence and a good job and an attractive spouse and a nice car.  You would much rather live the lives in the commercials than the lives of those who appear in the evening news.  After all, those people are merely average pawns to whom bad things happen and who themselves do bad things.  They are so boring, so far from perfect, the opposite of model citizens.
We waste our lives away trying to achieve the looks of photoshopped faces and airbrushed abs.  While we’re busy doing this, we lose track of everything else.  We are blinded by perfection.  We are blinded from what our governments are doing.  They are creating beautiful, looks obsessed drones.
Every single time you listen to the radio, flip on the television, or pass a billboard on the street you are being brainwashed.  Brainwashed into a perfection that doesn’t exist.  Brainwashed into being exactly the same as every other person who is striving to live up to the fucked up standards of society.
This shit has to stop."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I don't have a cool post title.


First of all, happy birthday George Harrison! 

I've been going to tennis conditioning all week and my legs hurt quite a lot from those lunges which we had to do back and forth across the gym six times. I've never done tennis before, but I thought I should do a sport, seeing as how colleges like to see you involved with your school, and yeah I'm in band and I'm trying out for section leader and symphonic and maybe drum major junior year but sometimes that's not enough. What? I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's not. Sure I did volleyball year 7 and year 8 but I wasn't too good at it. I'm also not interested in any sports, nor do I reckon that I'm good at any really and no way am I doing cheerleading, so tennis it is and aren't run-on sentences fun? 

The first day of conditioning was quite awkward, though pretty funny. I seriously contemplated on doing track, but after I going for a run one day and FAILING, I realized that track would kill me. Plus, the tennis girls seem more like my type of crowd. So anyway, there were several awkward moments. One was when we started talking about periods and boobs and exposing ourselves during the "introduce yourselves" part. Also, the moment awkward moment was when the coach asked me whether I was friends with ____________ (a certain guy whose name I will leave unmentioned, but earlier readers might be able to guess who). He then explained to me that he's friends with him on Facebook and saw pictures of me and him (homecoming probably, *cough cough*). I wonder if he saw the comments we left on each other's pages too, then? Anyways. I'm sure he knew that we were once more than just friends in a sense. O.o Everyone (most people were either my friends, or friends on Facebook so they already knew, so I didn't mind) was like "*cough cough*". I didn't really know what to say, so I sort of mumbled and said, "Sure..." and let it die off. It was so awkward and I'm mad he put me on the spot like that. Same with when he picked me to lead stretched and pointed out how my body language showed that I was insecure about my serve, etc. I hate people who do that. People who point out that I'm shy. I really can't help it. I hate it sometimes. It's like, dude. The first time you talk to me or meet me I'm going to be awkward no matter what because I wouldn't know what to talk about. But once you hang around me a lot, I'll get more comfortable with talking around you and then sometimes I'll be so crazy and talkative you'll be like, "Woah." Still, most people think I'm quiet and innocent. It's the vibe that I give off. Different people perceive it differently. To some, I give off the innocent vibe and sometimes it's the "Get the f--k away from me" vibe. -_____-

Mid-winter break is almost over and I haven't really done anything productive. Ugh.

Mr. Sushi is full. *sob sob* So sad. :'( I need a bigger iPod. I think I'll start saving up for a 160 GB.

Btw, finally made a

I can't wait for spring to get here. I can't do much photography in the wintertime here because it's so cold. And coldness I'm not too mad about. Coldness makes me want to stay inside. Plus I love the feeling of having a camera around me neck scouting for interesting things to take pictures of when it's nice and warm outside.

Accio spring!

I've been on a creativity block recently. I need something creative to do. I think I'll decorate my room. I want to make little paper cranes and hang them up everywhere in my room and cut out letter from magazines, make a quote with them and then stick them up on my ceiling. Or draw. I haven't done that in awhile.

It's 12:00AM and I'm blogging this. Insomniac much?

Tell me about your week. 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Bemused Ramblings


It's finally mid-winter break, it's starting to feel like spring and I am so happy. Fourty degrees fahrenheit during this time of year is considered warm where I live. Plus, all the snow is melting and the sun is out. How awesome is that? It couldn't get much better... except the fact that I have no plans at all for mid-winter break. I've been at home babysitting Sophia and tumbling on Tumblr all day basically. I've discovered the fact that I have no life. 'tis very sad.

I've decided that during this one week period in which I have no life, I'll catch up on literature, music and the arts. One reason I hate high school is because it leaves me barely any time for photography. Add the horrible bipolar weather that occurs where I live (It was super warm and sunny last week and suddenly we have like 4 inches of snow. Stupid bipolar weather. The coldness is totally discouraging. That's why I can't wait until spring. Spring and summer are the favourite seasons to take pictures. I love the feeling of walking around with Ron (to those new followers, Ron is my camera) around my neck searching for things to take pictures of. I've really gotten into portrait photography and really want to practice that more... 


*tee hee* Randomness. 

I've been debating whether or not to join the tennis team or not. Conditioning starts this week and it was supposed to start today but because of the snow it was cancelled. Yesterday I decided not to go to conditioning because... I don't know. I was being lazy. But I think conditioning being canceled is God's way of making me re-think this and saying, "HEY, GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND DO SOMETHING."

My parents have been getting on my nerves lately. Specifically, my dad. I wish I could drive so I could just get out of this house. I'd be the kind of person who drives around for hours aimlessly with music blasting from the windows. I need to take drivers ed and then next year I'll be able to get my license. Yeesh I need to get out of the house. TT_____TT

Saturday, February 12, 2011

away we go.


Another mix I made on 8tracks. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Pause music player at the bottom. :) 

When you're in need of getting away from it all, even if you can't physically, maybe these songs will let you get away mentally. 

Twelve tracks including music by Angels & AirwavesAngus & Julia Stone and Bloc Party.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Followers... THE TIME HAS COME.... I need your help and super intelligence.

Mood:i have no idea :)

Hahaha, I had to make the title sound dramatic. :DDD

First of all, happy 183th birthday Jules Verne!

Second of all, at lunch today a group called the Ozone House came to give us information about their program. It's a "safe, community-based, nonprofit agency that helps young people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services." They basically provide a safe place for kids who have family issues at home and have nowhere else to stay - mainly, "runaways", kids needing shelter, housing, family therapy. Kids ages 13-20 can drop in any time and they have a recording studio, games, free internet access, free meals, food, poetry slams, art, etc. You can stay up to 2 weeks at a time and they even bring you your homework. I've never been there before, but I just want to share this info. with you guys, just to bring attention to how amazing humans can be (when we're not being selfish and ignorant.) Unfortunately, I think it's only a program that's in my community, so I'm not sure if this exists anywhere else. Some people may think that it's just encouraging kids to run away, but really it's preventing kids from doing so and helping kids who want to, or do. Teens and kids can also sign up to volunteer. I think that might be a fun thing to do. ^.^

There's going to be a poetry contest and they are only accepting two people from my school and ten other people from my state or community. The twelve poets will then compete and the winner will receive some sort of national, (or if not national) widespread recognition or award or something. I don't know, I'm not very good at remembering stuff. (Short term memory loss!) I need you guys to help me. I've written quite a few poems, but I'm not sure which one to enter (or if I should write a new one.) So what I need you guys to do is to go to this link:

and pick out some of my poems and tell me which one I should use. :DDDD

and you can go here if you want to read some of my old poetry (super old, like 6th grade old), but if you see any that you think I should use, do tell me.

And also, I'm trying to think of an idea for a short story, OR a book. Ideas? :D ♥


P.S. Did anyone else watch the SuperBowl? I was infuriated that the Steelers didn't win. >:( On the other hand, my favourite commericial was the Volkawagon commercial, "The Force". It had me crackin' uuuuup. What was your favourite SuperBowl commercial?

Monday, February 7, 2011

High School Never Ends

So today, it has been brought to my attention that our class VP (vice president) has been arrested for smoking weed. Let's call him P. Now, P won the election for VP of the class of 2014. He's either 14 or 15. Now why was he elected, you ask, when he clearly does not set a good example for his student body president? Because he's popular. Actually, that's why all of the student office councils were elected. Because they were more popular. Everyone who I voted for, who I thought actually want this position and care about it - did not win vs. the people who won because they're popular. Is that even fair? I'm not making this post because I ran for president, but didn't win. I was disappointed, but not angry, because I know I can always win next year. :) My friend, who was counting the votes, told me that it was close and that Miss Popularity won only by 8 or 11 votes. About this, though - I don't think it's fair that he got arrested for weed and is still VP. In my opinion, he should be impeached and another election should be run, and my sister (well, really best friends, but more like a sister) Tori will definitely win, because I know she will be an awesome VP.

It got me thinking about how high school is one big popularity contest. That's all anything ever is in high school. When you vote for someone either for office or homecoming court, etc. And it makes me wonder if real life is the same way. If the big guys take what they can get because they're bigger and the little guys only get what's left.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You shall read this post right here.

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I have to say, this week was the best week ever. We went to school Monday and Tuesday, then yesterday and today we had no school because of the snowstorm. I love it - though once I was home I realized that I have no life because I really didn't have anything to do except lay around and watch Netflix all day. I blame my dad. He got Netflix. It is awesome. Now, normally if it was spring or summer instead of lying around in the house all day I would have gone outside and taken pictures. Except, there's inches of snow covering the ground outside and where I live, winter is pretty freezing. So I took some indoor shots instead. Photos are up on my photoblog and my new official portfolio (see tabs at the top of blog).

Tomorrow is Friday, and it is also the week before Coming Home. We have a pep band tomorrow too, and I bet it's going to feel like Monday, because it feels like we've just had a weekend before a weekend with the days off.

Nothing interesting has been happening. Really. My life is horribly boring as of now. I just wanted to make a post to tell you guys to check out my new shots. 

This post was incredibly random.

You shall click here.
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