Thursday, February 3, 2011

You shall read this post right here.

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I have to say, this week was the best week ever. We went to school Monday and Tuesday, then yesterday and today we had no school because of the snowstorm. I love it - though once I was home I realized that I have no life because I really didn't have anything to do except lay around and watch Netflix all day. I blame my dad. He got Netflix. It is awesome. Now, normally if it was spring or summer instead of lying around in the house all day I would have gone outside and taken pictures. Except, there's inches of snow covering the ground outside and where I live, winter is pretty freezing. So I took some indoor shots instead. Photos are up on my photoblog and my new official portfolio (see tabs at the top of blog).

Tomorrow is Friday, and it is also the week before Coming Home. We have a pep band tomorrow too, and I bet it's going to feel like Monday, because it feels like we've just had a weekend before a weekend with the days off.

Nothing interesting has been happening. Really. My life is horribly boring as of now. I just wanted to make a post to tell you guys to check out my new shots. 

This post was incredibly random.

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Kay said...

Ugh, I've been sitting around at home for the past few weeks... these days it's pretty much like I have more snow days than otherwise, and I'm slowly losing my mind...

I also need to get this Netflix of which everyone speaks.

rosanguyen said...

Ah, I need a snowday. It's been 27-40degrees celsius in Australia, way too hot to function.

Ebony said...

What is home coming?

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