Friday, January 28, 2011

The Thing About Family + Other Things


So I just got back from pep band and it was super-de-duper fun. Okay, I'll admitt that our football and basketball teams are - horrible, but our band's the best in the district, maybe one of the best in the state. These 120 band geeks are my family. We are crazy, unique and not afraid to be original. And the best thing is that we're not a stereotypical band. There are no "cliques" or "groups". We all hang outside of band, and different cliques bond together to form something more important all the stupid drama in high school - pride for our school and our (awesome) band. We lost by 12 points. Even so, that's not the point. The point is that I had fun with my friends and band family.

Tomorrow I'm going skating with some of my besties. Then after that, me, Tori and Skye are going to a college women's gymnastics meet. (My dad's the men's gymnastic coach of that said college.) It's going to be a fun day, and I need this weekend to just relax and have some fun after a week of exams. I told myself that I wouldn't stess out about grades this semester and I'm not going to. It's not something I should stress about. 

Wintertime is great for nature photography, but not so much for portrait. It would be nice if I had a tripod. Maybe I'll save up for a tripod soon. I need to do more self-portraits and portraits.

There's still not much to talk about. That's it for now. Look forward to a poem or prose written by me soon! :)


Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about your lose :(
good luck next time right? :)

I love bands, the collaboration with all types of instruments is just beautiful <3

-Sam. said...

hurray for school bands!
(mine is going to Europe on tour this spring) ^-^
and :P for your ridiculously good grades.


J.Cee said...

You know what's funny? My school's band program is exactly like that! No cliques, no groups. The band room is practically a second home to everyone involved. We're practically family! (And we're also one of the best in our province...)

CCH said...

your blog is so adorable! must follow, follow me too! :) xo

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