Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the human mosaic


short lived, fleeting and ephemeral
are the dogmas upon which 
you withhold your pillars on 
and though you try with much persistence
to prove your idiosyncrasy
the thoughts in which you prevail
are but altiloquent,
like your beliefs,
which will shatter and
the sudden loss of oxygen in your lungs
the cold grey touch of your hand,
falling onto the ground.
because like yourself
they are derivatives of something,
someone else.
nothing is what it seemed to be. 
because everything you believed in was a lie
a lie 
a lie 
a lie
you're a mosaic. 
and i am a mosaic.
we are all mosaics.

Dog Days & Berries


Hey guys! Just a few photos. I deleted my photography blog, because I just couldn't keep up with it. So I'm just going to try to update here from now on, and on tumblr and flickr

I never get tired of photographing my little sister...

...and here's me! 

I can't believe I'm a Junior now. This school year was full of ups and downs, stressful schoolwork, and a lot of learning for me as a person. 

I have good news! I made section leader in band! I am so excited! I also get to play the piccolo, which I am very excited for. I've never played the piccolo before, but I can't wait to practice. I know being put in this leadership role will help me a lot as a person. 

I'm also learning how to drive. I have my level 1 license, but I haven't had a lot of time to practise... hopefully I will practise more this summer. I need a LOT of practise...

One thing that I really missed was photography. During the school year, it was really hard for me to do photography, and my creativity was really blocked. I hope to catch up on photography this summer! I keep saying that I will practice portrait photography, but I'm introverted and I'm always nervous about asking to photography people, but hopefully this summer I will actually DO IT! 

I took these photos in my backyard. It was so nice to have that "creative release". 

I also hope to start writing more prose and poetry soon. School just leaves me with little time! :c
But this summer, I will practice more flue & piano too hopefully, study for the ACTs (so time consuming!!!), read (a lot books are on my to-read list!) and photography. I will hopefully also go record shopping and downtown A2. 

As for my personal life, it's great. I'm really happy.

I hope to update more! I miss you guys a lot! 

With love,
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