Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dog Days & Berries


Hey guys! Just a few photos. I deleted my photography blog, because I just couldn't keep up with it. So I'm just going to try to update here from now on, and on tumblr and flickr

I never get tired of photographing my little sister...

...and here's me! 

I can't believe I'm a Junior now. This school year was full of ups and downs, stressful schoolwork, and a lot of learning for me as a person. 

I have good news! I made section leader in band! I am so excited! I also get to play the piccolo, which I am very excited for. I've never played the piccolo before, but I can't wait to practice. I know being put in this leadership role will help me a lot as a person. 

I'm also learning how to drive. I have my level 1 license, but I haven't had a lot of time to practise... hopefully I will practise more this summer. I need a LOT of practise...

One thing that I really missed was photography. During the school year, it was really hard for me to do photography, and my creativity was really blocked. I hope to catch up on photography this summer! I keep saying that I will practice portrait photography, but I'm introverted and I'm always nervous about asking to photography people, but hopefully this summer I will actually DO IT! 

I took these photos in my backyard. It was so nice to have that "creative release". 

I also hope to start writing more prose and poetry soon. School just leaves me with little time! :c
But this summer, I will practice more flue & piano too hopefully, study for the ACTs (so time consuming!!!), read (a lot books are on my to-read list!) and photography. I will hopefully also go record shopping and downtown A2. 

As for my personal life, it's great. I'm really happy.

I hope to update more! I miss you guys a lot! 

With love,

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