Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello boys and girls. I feel like I'm writing to no one, since no one ever comments anymore. I have a feeling everyone is on Tumblr. I'm sorry I haven't written in over 2 weeks. It's simply horrid. And even if no one reads my blog anymore, I will still do posts for my own documentation.

A lot of things happened in the two weeks. First was I went to my first concert last Monday (9/19). 'twas a Foo Fighters concert that Rise Against was opening. As many of you know, Rise Against is my favourite band. It was great seeing them live. They played Audience of One, Savior, Prayer of the Refugee, Help Is On the Way, Satellite, Give It All, Ready to Fall, and Make It Stop (September's Children.) I wish they would've had their own show instead of opening, but Foo Fighters is a great band and though me and Tory didn't have floor seats, it was still amazing amazing amazing. I love it. Foo Fighters played a lot of songs. These Days, The Pretenders, Monkey Wrench, Arlandria... a lot of songs. We had to leave before they played Everlong though so we could get home at at least 1am. :P Live music is beautiful. It's a wonderful moment when people come together for music.

Bright Eyes came here during the summertime, but I didn't have money. D: adslasdfasd it would have been so great to see them live. I hope Rise comes to Michigan to do their own show soon. It was like 3 years since they'd come back, so of course there were a bunch of Rise fans at that concert.

Last week was homecoming week and oh man, was it busy. We had to do float building and the theme was Disney. Being the President of 2014 I of course had to help our. We did Finding Nemo, and though I wanted to do Lion King - it came out pretty well and I think we should have won at least 2nd instead of 3rd. :p The homecoming game was SO INTENSE man. We kept winning and then during the last few minutes, the other team scored by one point and then when it was down to a few seconds, we won points back. SO GREAT. Best homecoming ever. I didn't go to the dance this year, but I stayed in and tumbled all day and had a jam session to myself. Homecoming is for people who have lives. Sorry but I just don't find grinding up on people to horrible music appealing.

Our last marching season show is coming up and it's the senior show. We're playing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi and Holiday by Green Day. It's going to be great.

Also, my new iPod - a 7th generation 160 gig classic aldskjfalsdfas so excited - should be here soon. I'm going to name it Donnie Darko, after my favourite movie of the same name. lol get it? Because the ipod is black?

School has been boring and I need to make up a quiz in Accelerated American Lit because I wasn't there to take it because of band and now I have a B- in that class, and I'm really mad that I forgot to turn in a fucking TWO point assignment and it brought my grade down in Honours Bio to a B. So pissed. aldkjfasdf So currently a 3.567gpa when it should be higher. alkjdfaldsasfd But I'm not going to freak out about my grade like last year, every time that it slips a little because what can I do about it? It is what it is. Plus, my teachers don't really offer any extra credit this year. I can just hope to get 1/2 for turning the 2 point assignment in late, and for everything to balance out once we get more assignments.

Babysitting is great. The kids are great. 

School sucks.
People suck.
Homework sucks.

We're doing the acid lab in Chemistry this week. I don't want to die omg and I don't understand how to write the procedures. 

Okay bye.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

To drown is a beautiful thing.


These are but empty words
filling up the spaces between my lungs.
Empty spaces,
e m p t y ______________s.
And I once knew of a beautiful girl
and she had the saddest eyes in the whole wide world.
They could drown you,
drown you like the ocean.
And I once asked her, 
"Do you like to hurt?'
She smiled at me
like the angel
she is and said,
"I love it so much that I would drown myself in it."
The ocean heard and thought she was so beautiful
that it gave her a big hug!
Embracing her in its arms.
To drown is a beautiful thing.


Sorry I haven't been blogging. School (and my new job) leaves me with barely any time for anything, and I found out that my mom found me another job (for the weekends, since I only babysit weekdays) and I can make about $400 / month, and add the $200 from the babysitting, and that's $600. But on top of homework and band, I don't know if I can do it, but I'll try and if it gets in the way of my academics then I'll have to drop the weekend job. (My mom's friend at the weekend market she works at - she sells jewelry, accessories and art - is pregnant and needs someone to kind of help her now that she can't do a lot of things.)

First week of school - over with. I like all my teachers. They're all nice and I think that if I really really focus, then I should be able to get all A's again this year. 

Classes I'm taking this year:
Honours Bio
Accelerated American Lit.
Symphonic Band
French I
Algebra II

I have friends in all my classes except for Alg. II but I think I'll be fine.

I'm so tired. We had a game today and it was raining the whole time so all of our music and instruments got wet.

I really want my next post to be a prose or poetry piece.

I feel like no one reads my blog anymore. No one comments ever. D: Not like before.

Anyway, good night.
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