Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Downfall of Us All


High school has definitely given me bipolar or something because my mood has just been up and down every week. I was strangely very chipper today at school, but then after 5th hour everything just went downhill. Remember when we were little and we just couldn't wait to get into high school? Well, high school sucks. Too much stress. Too many annoying people. If someone says that they genuinely like high school, then I'm going to assume there is something wrong with you. Of course, there are the fun memories and new friends (the rare gems) that you pick out amongst the sea of immature, childish teenagers, of mostly it consists of just stress. I can't wait for sophomore year. I hope it'll be better than freshman year. Freshman year is just too stressful. 

Oh, did I mention that high school leaves little room for creativity? Sigh. I can just feel it draining out of me. I can't think of a cool story or novel idea for the death of me. It's sad because in grade and middle school I had a bunch of cool ideas and now I can't think of anything.

Plus, I haven't been updating this blog (or the music playlist) either, and I can definitely see it beginning to suck based on the lack of comments lately. *cough cough* Or maybe you guys are all busy too? O.o

This blog shall be the downfall of us all. ;D (Yes, I meant to quote A Day To Remember).

Oh! See here, see here, I took some new pictures! 

Nothing interesting to report, really. Just 5 more weeks until summer break. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 TO COME OUT! :D

I'll try to write some more poetry and prose to keep this blog interesting and fresh. I'll try. :]

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Things That Frustrate Candy

Mood:pissed off

There's a certain type of people in this world who don't get mad no matter what. And then there are some who are constantly pissed at everyone and everything. I learn more towards the first type, though often in my head I would seem to be perfectly fine but inside I'm pissed the f**k off by everything when it's one of those days. I'm not usually a hater. I find it hard to list people from the top of my head that I absolutely, dreadfully hate because if I've never met you before or talked to you before, even if I hear so many horrible things about you, I could never be able to find it inside of me to downright hate you no matter what I hear. It may be a strength and it may be a flaw. Nevertheless, when I say I hate someone, then you know I'm serious. 

Everything has been pissing me off lately. I don't know if it's because school will be over in less than 2 months or if it's something else, but today was just a horrible day. And I owe it all to my info. tech teacher who shall not be named. DAJSDFASDF High school sucks, and it has sucked more ever since I started his class. I heard he was horrible and I should have switched out when people warned me. But I'm glad I'm getting info tech over with this year instead of later years. So anyway, this dude is really pissing me off. Actually, I'm pretty sure positive that he's pissing everyone in the class off. Everyone in the class either has a C, D, or E. Why? Because the guy marks are you down for the tiniest things. I have a D in his class now because I wasn't clear in one line of an email that were were supposed to sent, so he gave me an E on an assignment. What's worse, he waits until the absolute moment to update grades, so you basically remain with the same horrible grade in that class until that last minute.

Last quarter, students went to the counselors and complained about this one math teacher who shall not be named. They were straight A/good students who complained that they were failing because of that certain teacher's class. When they checked it out, they saw that everyone had an A except in that class. If he doesn't update it soon, I'm going to do that, except with the other teacher who shall not be named.

Sorry, my posts have been morbidly depressing lately. Must be almost-the-end-of-the-year syndrome. 

ON THE OTHER HAND did I mention that I made symphonic band? It's like the best band. Symphonic got a I rating at festival, which is the best! Plus, only people who care end up in symphonic, so I won't have to deal with all the immaturity that goes on in concert or varsity next year. BOO YEAH.

There's a million other things that I want to say but can't find the words to say. 

I suck at blogging now. 

I'm sorry.

Better posts during summer. I promise. 

High school sucks the creativity out of you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

World's Worst Blogger.

Mood:content; a little bummed

I feel like the worst blogger in the whole world because I haven't posted anything in what seems like forever. But of course, nothing interesting has been really happening to me lately.

Yesterday was the first day back from spring break. And I have to say, I had a pretty good break. I went to downtown Ann Arbor with my mom and little sister and walked around there for a bit. I've been there before, but I never really shopped around and I was surprised at how many vintage stores there were. I was also surprised that the vintage stuff were just as expensive (sometimes even more) than the regular, newer stuff that you see in malls. But I do truly want to get more vintage in my wardrobe. :) While we were there I went to two indie music/record stores. I've never been to one before, and I have to say, I love it, more than regular music stores that you find in the mall because there's a wider selection, and the music is a lot better, and they don't have any of the horrible mainstream crap.

Then on Wednesday I went to my friend Olivia's house for movie night, where we watched Scott Pilgram vs. The World and the beginning of Rent. Then Thursday, I went to my friend Rachel's house where we watched movies until we fell asleep with the TV on... haha.

Nothing else interested has happened so far. But I am so anxious to find out if I made symphonic band! I surely hope so!

But the reason that I'm a bit bummed is because I'm an alternate in tennis. I got my hopes up that I was going to be a starter. I thought I wasn't upset because it's really not a big deal, but when I got home I started feeling a bit bummed. The thing is, I thought I was really starting to play well. My backhands were getting harder and faster and my serves were getting better too. I also thought that I wasn't that much worse than the girls who were chosen as starters. Or maybe I'm wrong. Sigh. Our first game is tomorrow. Wish me luck!

If you have a tumblr, visit me. I tend to be much more active there now.

But I promise I won't forget you guys.

So tell me, what has happened lately in your life?


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