Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a promise made.


I haven't written a personal post in awhile, it seems. Actually, most the posts from last week and week have been queued and set to be published at a certain time, so even though I couldn't post live, you guys would still be able to get posts that were pre-written by me.

Still, nothing exciting has been happening to me. Nothing at all. I did well on my midterms, and I think I ended the semester with a 3.95, which is still really good, but I was aiming for a 4.0. I will do my best to get a 4.0 on my last semester. It doesn't help that the school computer system is messed up, so I can't even go onto PowerSchool and see what my grade is, because it's probably not correct. It's not pressure. It's just that... the best is no longer the best. So I have to try my ultimate best to be the top of my class. I already have a 117% in Geometry because I got extra credit for turning my homework in early for the whole week. That one A- in science last semester in quarter one brought me down. But I'm going to try not to stress out so much on my grades. What difference does .05 of a point make? Besides, I'm going to be taking AP classes throughout my high school years too.

I have a question though, for you guys who are already in high school: Do you have a new GPA every new year, or does it average out after your freshman year? Because I've heard that it's pretty hard to get it up after freshman year. Why is that? O.o

Currently, I've been obsessed with the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I'm watching it right now on Netflix and it's so addicting. (Just thought I'd throw that out there.)

Oh, and tomorrow is my mom's birthday.

Yep, not much else happenin'. What have you guys been up to?


rosanguyen said...

American schooling system is so confusing for me. Using terminology like: Sophomore, Freshman, senior. Also you guys have elementary (given, I get that), middle school and High school (which australia combines together). And then you guys say "college" when you're in high school... or something LOL. Its all confusing Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

My life is crazy right now, except I haven't been DOING anything... It's like everything is happening to me instead of being results of my actions. Which is frustrating, because I'd much rather have to deal with crap because I screwed up than crap that just... happens, because then there's nothing I can do about it.
Anyway! Um... Well there's my MErry-Go-Rounds & Haunted Houses post, and I have two C's in school. And family issues. Lovely. On the up side though, I overcame some issues with my best friend even though she said she was done with me! So that evens things out. I guess my life is just... meh now?

Congrats on your high scoring though!! And btw, it's 0.05, not 0.5. Huge difference that means you're even more awesomesauce. ;)

-Sam. said...

bah! i would DIE for those grades.
escaped with a 74.8 average las semester...
(now how the heck did i get into this fancy boarding school??)

oh well.

Ebony said...

Yeha, I also don't get what a GPA is, and I don't get how you can get 117%. We don't get extra credit here, you just get what you get I guess. But they don't give you overall yearly marks, is that what your GPA is? I'm so confused :L

Kay said...

Secret Life? I remember that show :) My friends used to be utterly obsessed!

Try to not let the pressure of GPAs and whatnot get to your head :) I really admire your dedication. I wish I had your initiative, hah

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