Monday, February 7, 2011

High School Never Ends

So today, it has been brought to my attention that our class VP (vice president) has been arrested for smoking weed. Let's call him P. Now, P won the election for VP of the class of 2014. He's either 14 or 15. Now why was he elected, you ask, when he clearly does not set a good example for his student body president? Because he's popular. Actually, that's why all of the student office councils were elected. Because they were more popular. Everyone who I voted for, who I thought actually want this position and care about it - did not win vs. the people who won because they're popular. Is that even fair? I'm not making this post because I ran for president, but didn't win. I was disappointed, but not angry, because I know I can always win next year. :) My friend, who was counting the votes, told me that it was close and that Miss Popularity won only by 8 or 11 votes. About this, though - I don't think it's fair that he got arrested for weed and is still VP. In my opinion, he should be impeached and another election should be run, and my sister (well, really best friends, but more like a sister) Tori will definitely win, because I know she will be an awesome VP.

It got me thinking about how high school is one big popularity contest. That's all anything ever is in high school. When you vote for someone either for office or homecoming court, etc. And it makes me wonder if real life is the same way. If the big guys take what they can get because they're bigger and the little guys only get what's left.


Anonymous said...

That's so wrong that he's still Vice President right now. And I know you and your "sister" would run things amazingly.
But in answer to your question, I'm pretty sure that life is very much the same, although probably not quite as bad since once you're grown, you have to act halfway civil to people you don't like. But keep shining and doing the right thing. The Lord is always good to those who do His will.

Kay said...

I'm sorry to hear that :/

High school is a prime example of Social Darwinism. No matter how much credit the underdog gets, the little guy always tumbles to the bottom.

rosanguyen said...

I get what you mean. We had to vote for prefects last year, and some people who got a position, I believed, didn't deserve the honour as there were much worthy nominations. It always all ends up to be a popularity contest. So I just accepted that was how the world ran.

Ebony said...

Yeah, we have SRC and prefects and those are both popularit contests, but then I guess, maybe people are popular for a reason?

By the way, "High School Never Ends" is the name of any awesome song by a band called Bowling For Soup, you should check it out =)

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