Monday, February 28, 2011

The Definition of Perfection

"What is with the world’s fucking obsession with being perfect?  Talk perfect. Look perfect. Act perfect. There are all these people hiding behind cameras and glossy magazine articles and preaching that no one is perfect; everyone is beautiful inside and out and in their own way.  But take one look at the thin, blond model who is spitting these words through her whitened, braces-corrected teeth or the handsome, well groomed New York reporter typing away at his expensive Mac Computer and you know that this “perfectly imperfect” thing is bullshit.
Even from a young age you’re taught to be what society views as perfect.  You watch the same television shows and flip through the same fucking ads in the newspaper advertising diet pills and plastic surgeons and “Find Out How To Achieve The Perfect Oscar Winning Body.” You’re preprogrammed by the time that you’re ready to switch from Sesame Street to Hannah Montana to All My Children.  
On the news they show you pictures of people just like yourself.  People with normal hair and bad skin and coffee stained teeth.  During commercial breaks you watch made up actresses with luscious hair living “normal” lives in ads for television shows and movies.  They’re the model Americans or Brits or Canadians or citizens of whatever place you reside in.  If they can be so perfect, so can you, right?  
All you need is a white picket fence and a good job and an attractive spouse and a nice car.  You would much rather live the lives in the commercials than the lives of those who appear in the evening news.  After all, those people are merely average pawns to whom bad things happen and who themselves do bad things.  They are so boring, so far from perfect, the opposite of model citizens.
We waste our lives away trying to achieve the looks of photoshopped faces and airbrushed abs.  While we’re busy doing this, we lose track of everything else.  We are blinded by perfection.  We are blinded from what our governments are doing.  They are creating beautiful, looks obsessed drones.
Every single time you listen to the radio, flip on the television, or pass a billboard on the street you are being brainwashed.  Brainwashed into a perfection that doesn’t exist.  Brainwashed into being exactly the same as every other person who is striving to live up to the fucked up standards of society.
This shit has to stop."

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