Saturday, February 26, 2011

I don't have a cool post title.


First of all, happy birthday George Harrison! 

I've been going to tennis conditioning all week and my legs hurt quite a lot from those lunges which we had to do back and forth across the gym six times. I've never done tennis before, but I thought I should do a sport, seeing as how colleges like to see you involved with your school, and yeah I'm in band and I'm trying out for section leader and symphonic and maybe drum major junior year but sometimes that's not enough. What? I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's not. Sure I did volleyball year 7 and year 8 but I wasn't too good at it. I'm also not interested in any sports, nor do I reckon that I'm good at any really and no way am I doing cheerleading, so tennis it is and aren't run-on sentences fun? 

The first day of conditioning was quite awkward, though pretty funny. I seriously contemplated on doing track, but after I going for a run one day and FAILING, I realized that track would kill me. Plus, the tennis girls seem more like my type of crowd. So anyway, there were several awkward moments. One was when we started talking about periods and boobs and exposing ourselves during the "introduce yourselves" part. Also, the moment awkward moment was when the coach asked me whether I was friends with ____________ (a certain guy whose name I will leave unmentioned, but earlier readers might be able to guess who). He then explained to me that he's friends with him on Facebook and saw pictures of me and him (homecoming probably, *cough cough*). I wonder if he saw the comments we left on each other's pages too, then? Anyways. I'm sure he knew that we were once more than just friends in a sense. O.o Everyone (most people were either my friends, or friends on Facebook so they already knew, so I didn't mind) was like "*cough cough*". I didn't really know what to say, so I sort of mumbled and said, "Sure..." and let it die off. It was so awkward and I'm mad he put me on the spot like that. Same with when he picked me to lead stretched and pointed out how my body language showed that I was insecure about my serve, etc. I hate people who do that. People who point out that I'm shy. I really can't help it. I hate it sometimes. It's like, dude. The first time you talk to me or meet me I'm going to be awkward no matter what because I wouldn't know what to talk about. But once you hang around me a lot, I'll get more comfortable with talking around you and then sometimes I'll be so crazy and talkative you'll be like, "Woah." Still, most people think I'm quiet and innocent. It's the vibe that I give off. Different people perceive it differently. To some, I give off the innocent vibe and sometimes it's the "Get the f--k away from me" vibe. -_____-

Mid-winter break is almost over and I haven't really done anything productive. Ugh.

Mr. Sushi is full. *sob sob* So sad. :'( I need a bigger iPod. I think I'll start saving up for a 160 GB.

Btw, finally made a

I can't wait for spring to get here. I can't do much photography in the wintertime here because it's so cold. And coldness I'm not too mad about. Coldness makes me want to stay inside. Plus I love the feeling of having a camera around me neck scouting for interesting things to take pictures of when it's nice and warm outside.

Accio spring!

I've been on a creativity block recently. I need something creative to do. I think I'll decorate my room. I want to make little paper cranes and hang them up everywhere in my room and cut out letter from magazines, make a quote with them and then stick them up on my ceiling. Or draw. I haven't done that in awhile.

It's 12:00AM and I'm blogging this. Insomniac much?

Tell me about your week. 



Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl

I visited a long time ago and only just got back to see how you're going. You caught my attention when you said you're a perfectionist, I never was before I began writing. I think because I never wanted anything to be as perfect as I want my novel to be. It's great if you're so inspired with something that you want to do it perfectly.

The downside is if you find you can't do it perfectly, you might want to give up, but I've discovered that the answer is in determination and learning to do better.

I don't know whether you looked at ch 1 of my novel when I probably mentioned it before. Anyway, I've learned since then and it's so much better now.

Riri-Lala-Kiki said...

Caaaaaaaandy! I haven't commented in a while, have I?

Anyway, you said that Mr. Sushi was full. I'm slightly jealous; my iPod deleted all of my songs AGAIN, like it did when we were having that music contest. I had like 500 songs, and now I only have 144. It's been 4 months; I just don't have the motivation anymore. :(


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