Sunday, December 19, 2010

As promised... pictures!


My... very pink cake. Too pink for my tastes, but it was really good! :)
So I love all of these people... ♥ 
Haha, Fluffy's totally loving being completely surrounded by girls. ;)
That photo stand thingy is awesome! :O And it spins! So entertaining! :D
Harry Potter Keychain from my Gryffindor buddy! :3
This card is so awesome, I want to eat it! :O 
Skye is awesome. I love this poster so much. 

and this. <--- Thanks so much Mom and Dad! :DDD 


Sarcasmic Ross said...

Yaaayyyy freaking Sinatra!

Hope it was a damn good Birthday!

rosanguyen said...

Ngawwww, I'm so happy you got such a great collection of friends and family. I love that birthday cake card.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (again). Lovely pictures as usual! ...I need to get a decent camera like yours. Mine is a piece of crap. And it's retarded (I kid you not).

But enough about my retarded piece of crap that is thinly disguised as a camera.

Your party looked like fun! I hope it was as awesome as a person like you deserves!
And I just saw my blog on your blogroll over there and I totally freaked out. I feel special now. ^_^

FJ said...

Hi! Was blogwalking...

Happy Birthday!

Wow, that's my first time seeing a pinky birthday cake!!! :D

Yeap, the photo stand thingy~ totally cool! and the card beside that, I actually thought it was a small cupcake until I saw your next next pix saying it was a card! Wow!

Must have been lots of fun! :]

Leona said...

Ooh, pretty cake! (Although yes, it really does seem a bit too pink.) And the HP keychain is just lovely.

Aww, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment, and how sincere it seems to me. Thanks.

Hmm, I don't really know - I just fall in love with words too often, so I guess that's one possible reason. And actually, I'm under the impression that I use too much of the same words in my writing sometimes. Like "heart" - how many times have I mentioned that word, I wonder.

And I'm a year younger than you, fourteen, currently, and my birthday's not until February. :)

I hope you have/had a wonderful day.

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