Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crooked - Act I/Scene I


copyright © Candice Audrey Anderson. All rites reserved. (O_o)


by Candice A. Anderson

OPENING SCENE: The camera scans the front of MERRIAM WILLIS PREPARATORY FOR YOUNG LADIES on the upper east side of Manhattan where girls were being dropped off by their chauffeur driven limos and million dollar Ferraris. The girls are dressed from head to toe of designer labels, preppy outfits, and plaid headbands that could be donated to schools in Africa - instead, they hug the size 0 waists of preparatory girls walking in through the Merriam Willis Prep school gates. The camera pans in to the two girls sitting on the brick stairs by the main doorway. One girl [Alex] is wearing a brown blazer, a kiwi green sleeveless cardigan of silk and shiny black buttons that she sewed herself, purple plaid headband and white skinny jeans. She looks pretty good, considering that she made all her clothes herself. The girl beside her [Marina] is wearing just a regular polo t-shirt, a vintage blazer that Alex made her, and a navy blue skirt with yellow tights.

[note: Alex is 5'5", chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, long legs, average, but she looks pulled together. She's also on scholarship at Merriam's and but lives in Brooklyn.]

[note: Marina, her only friend, is 5'8", blond hair, blue eyes, basically, looks like a freakin' model, but is incredibly self conscious. Her dad is the head CEO of a huge company.]

Marina: Are you nervous? How do I look?

{Marina looks around her at what seemed like millions of gorgeous models. It was the first day of school and they were going to be Freshmen.}

Alex (Rolling her eyes): Like a freakin' Victoria Secret's model. C'mon, Rina. I can't wait! And we shouldn't have to! Hurry up!

{Alex drags Marina through the wide open doors of the prep toward the freshman closets where the other Freshmen were headed. They push past the new first graders and seniors}

The camera scans the thrifty hallways of the prep, following the senior girls who are heading upstairs to the Grand Senior Hall and then back to Alex and Marina who were dragging their way past ton of girls. Finally, they get to their "lockers" a.k.a. their own walk-in closets. The camera scans the closets of some of the other girls, which were stuffed with Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Chanel, Fendi, and Armani clothes and handbags more than you could ever imagine. Alex and Marina open their lockers with their ID cards. Then flash back to Alex's closet, which is full of her own designed clothes and vintage accessories. Flash to Marina's closet, which 1/4 of it is being used. As they are putting their stuff down, they talk.

Alex: Oh my gosh. I cannot believe that Summer is already OVER. I wish I could've gone to Fiji with you. I did nothing did Summer!

Marina: Yeah, I know. In a way, I'm really glad school started this early. My summer was horrible. I mean, my dad was making business calls the whole time we were there and Lori was dragging me to go tanning and swimming and do everything with her. It was painful.

{Lori is Marina's 5th step-mom}

Alex: Well, at least you went somewhere. I just stayed home with my mom and Owen and we did absolutely nothing. I just sewed some new things, and worked on my room. That's it though.

Marina: Hey, you got to spend time with your hot older brother Owen, so that has to count for something. Besides, you didn't have to deal with the step-monster so stop whining.

Girl #1: Hey did you guys hear that Lisa vanWoodlocke got pregnant this year?

Girl #2 Yeah, I heard that she was in California and hit it off with the lifeguard. She got an abortion before school started though.

Alex (muttering to herself): Yeah and I also heard that you guys should keep other people's names out of your mouths but maybe you haven't heard yet. (louder) You ready to go to the Orientation Hall Marina? It starts in 3 minutes so hurry up!

Marina: Just a minute, Lex...

Alex (stomps her feet, visibly impatient): Rina!

{Marina checks her hair in the mirror and brushes it with a comb 15 times before she finally sets it down.}

Marina: Okay, okay, okay, let's go!

End of scene one


Yeah, so I'm not the best screenwriter around, but I hope you'll look forward to the next scene. I heard somewhere that working on different projects help you through writer's block. So I'm trying that. I'm not sure why I chose to write a screenplay though. But it's pretty fun, and I suggest it to you! Tell me what you think/thought of scene 1 of CROOKED.

Love, Candy


Anonymous said...

Your art is Beautiful and i can see the hard work and dedication you have put into your work. You are a true inspiration.
Below is my url if you wish to visit. I am crippled with parkinsons disease and it is a form of therapy for me. I also oil paint on canvas:

adriana said...

i really like this! i'm awful at writing stories mainly because i have nothng to write about, but i do look forward to the next scene!


Hadhafang said...

I knew about the island because I recognized the bridge. ;) We might live in the same state! :) I'm a senior in high school and yes, I'm 17 and yes, I'm taking AP classes. No, high school's only hard if you make it so. And AP classes only count for credits if you pass... which is harder than it seems at first. ;)

Anonymous said...

That was really good. :)

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