Monday, September 14, 2009

iLike To Knit


Today: Our 8th grade volleyball team won the first volleyball game of the season! A great way to start off the season! But I feel so weak compared to the rest of the team. I mean, I've become better over the Summer, but the rest of the team has grown tremendously, and I just wish I could do better. You see, some people just have a natural talent for sports. I don't. So I have to work harder than everyone else. I have a natural talent to literature, writing, prose, academics, and music.

and also: I am currently loving my 6th hour. Everyone is knitting scarves right now. My mom bought a whole bag of fuzzy yarn, and right after this post, I'm going to continue knitting my scarve. I promise that I'll take a pic and show you guys once I'm done with it, but it's going to have to take a while because I'm not an old lady who has too much time on her hands. I think it's cool that we're learning how to knit, and that we're donating these to the homeless. After knitting these scarves, we're going to be making dog biscuits for the Humane Society. I'm so happy! If you have any more volunteer ideas, be sure to comment and tell me so I can suggest it to my teacher!

-In Algebra, our teacher Mr. Green is reviewing us. So we haven't gotten our HEAVY Algebra books yet, like the other classes. Mr. Green is so funny and awesome. All of my teachers are nice this year. I dislike my Language Arts teacher though. Ms. B gave us three assignments in less than a week - she gives too much homework. Today, my whole core 4 broke the school rules. We chewed gum in school today. Haha...but the cool part about it was that it was a science lab. We were supposed to find out how much sugar was in a pack of gum. So that was fun.

So far, I'm having a great year. Last one before high school. Make it your best!


Lexi Williams said...

I'm HORRIBLY bad at sports!
Haha. I'm knitting fuzzy scarves too! (though I'm really slow)! But not to donate to the homeless. I've been planing to donate mine this church that houses pregnant teens -that have been kick out of their homes (some are as young as 12!!) :(
Did you know chewing gum during school helps you memorize? Since I have braces I can only chew sugar free gum. But I like that best anyways. :D

adriana said...

that's great that you're donating to the homeless. they'll definitely appreciate it. and i am AWFUL at sports, the only ones i'm good at is dance and basketball.
so glad that you're doing community sevice!


Hadhafang said...

Hey Candy! :D I'm so excited for you! 8th grade was definitely an amazing year for me. Tons of fun. And was I right about the Island? :D ;) You must let me know. And come over and talk to me at "Nodes of Ranvier" ... that's my personal blog and anywhere else I won't see your comment until a month later. XD

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