Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Journal,


One teacher that I am beginning to dislike this year is my Language Arts teacher, Ms. B. Literature, reading, and writing are a part of my passion. But Ms. B gets on my nerves sometimes. First of all, she gave 3 essay assignments in less than a week during the first week of school. Second of all, she is OBSESSED with this Hope Diamond (Google it). She has a shirt, a fake diamond necklace of it, and a huge paper Hope Diamond necklace! Is she insane (in a bad way, unlike me) or what?! Third of all, And sometimes, just sometimes, she seems so fake, like she's trying so hard to be that inspirational teacher you see in movies. She's not. She's the annoying one. My friend was trying to get a chair in her class because she didn't have a chair and Ms. B started yelling at her. Nobody likes her.

journal: a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

diary: a personal journal (as a physical object)

So you can understand why I'm not feeling this journal thing that we have to do in her class. We have to write honestly in our journals (notebooks). "Pour your heart out", she says. "Put a star next to the pages that you want me to read and fold the pages that you want to be private. I promise not to read those pages; I'll just open and look to see that you've written enough but I won't read it..."

I don't buy that. How do we know that she won't secretly read them? It's not like we'll be in the classroom when she reads our "journals". We'll be at home. Besides, isn't a journal & diary supposed to be private? I have kept and collected journals my whole life, wrote in them, poured out my heart, but they are all private. Pour out my heart, for you? Sorry crazy lady, no way. So I'm being kind of mean, but my thoughts are private. Like, 'if I poured out my heart, then there would be some things you wish you'd never read' private.

So what do you think about this whole ordeal my friend?


Anonymous said...

that's kinda like my lang. arts teacher 'cept we've only had three asignments during the whole somethin' weeks. you write really good, i have one for my just for writings two, check it out if you want.

adriana said...

yeah, i wouldn't trust her at all. i'd probably make something up :P

scarlett said...

haha, my old school principal speaks like your LA teacher. She'd say something like:
It was so annoying. D:

Pfffff, she is going to read everything you guys write in those jounals. So I'd suggest writing nothing too personal. The usual "I had an argument with my sister" is fine.

Thanks for the follow!!

Rosa ;) said...

You should write

"I hate one of my teachers already... and she's the one reading this"

AHAHAHAH in your journal LOL

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't write the really personal stuff in your 'journal'

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