Tuesday, September 8, 2009

iThink I'm Going To Like 8th Grade


第一天学校过去的很快。早晨,我的好朋友‘飞夺理啊’和他的双茅台接我上学。啊~~~我真的不想醒我们已经在八年级啦!我和我的好朋友。。。咱们叫他 “娜娜”,吧,坐在第一排。数学老师是我去年的老师;我好高兴啊!!!第一天学校都是特别无聊。老师只讲话,然后给你那么多是挑染你的家长签字的!哎呀!第二个小时,我们得换到别的教师。可是,我谁都不知道!只有一个朋友在那个办理我知道的。但是他没有跟我坐在一起。我只能自己坐在一个凳子上等着老师讲完话。两个小时过去啦之后,是十点半。我和我的好朋友终于又见面了。车晚饭,我回到数学的教堂里,跟我的朋友。老师再发许多要拿回家的纸条。真累啊!第五个小时:乐队。第六个小时/足额后个小个:哇~~~我以为会特别没意思那。我错了。我们要给贫民区的小孩子们作为近,给三只腿的动物做吃的,给病的小孩子们做卡;然后送到医院里。我真高新!

First day of school was exactly like I suspected. It was raining cats, dogs, and elephants this morning - a great way to start off the year! I got a ride with Tori & her sisters to school. For first hour, I have Algebra with October - Tori's twin. Mr. Green, my math teacher from last year transferred up to the 8th grade so I was pretty happy about that. Mr. Green is awesome. Mrs. Green can speak Chinese. 2nd hour, none of my friends were in my class. But all of my teachers are pretty funny. My language arts teacher, a little old woman (haha, at least to us), even listens to rap. I mean woah. I didn't expect that. She suspects that 2pac is still alive. Then for lunchtime only two out of 5 of my best friends has my lunch. The thing I hate most about the first day, always, are the lectures. And all the papers that you have to bring home to sign. I have a 2 day assignment already. I mean what is that about? Then band. Now off with the boring stuff, people! Okay, so I thought that my elective, Community Leadership & Services was going to be boring. Turns out I was wrong...again. A lot of my friends are in that class. I thought we were just going to do boring community service. But actually, we're going to bake stuff and turn the money in for a great cause, we're also going to make doggie biscuits for the Humane Society, make cards for children in hospitals, and our first project is knitting scarves for homeless teens. I know which class I'm going to look forward to this quarter. (:

I hope everyone had a great Labour Day and an even better first day of school.

With love,

P.S. The first paragraph: I wanted to practice using my "native language", Chinese, more. So that's why I wrote in Chinese at the top. In case you're wondering, it states mostly what I blogged about in English in this post.

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adriana said...
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adriana said...

i'm glad your first day of 8th grade was good! but, i have one question for you, what would be boring community service?


P.S: i accidently deleted my comment; whoops! :P
sorry about that.

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