Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reach For The Moon, And You Shall Fly...


In case you didn't hear, President Barack Obama is planning to make school days longer, and Summer Vacations shorter. Why? Simply because the United States of America is way behind the students around the glove. 25 - 30% behind. And that may not sound like a huge percentage difference, but really, it is. A lot. Now here is where my "multiple personality disorder" (which I don't really have, but should) comes into work. Half of me is thinking, "NO WAY. ARE YOU SERIOUS?" and the other half of me agrees completely. We live in a society today that is summarised by irresponsibility, teen pregnacy, a place where education is not the top priority. We need to change that. After all, (and this may sound very cliche), we are the future. When all the other generations are gone, we will have grown up and this generation will ... rule. Like the indians say, "The world is not yours. You borrow it from your children." And in a sense, that is true. When you are gone, the world is all in the hands of ... well, us. And that is why education is so important.

Can you believe it? All the historical figures in the world: Albert Einstein, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Socates, Aristotle, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison.. (the list goes on), were nothing more than what we are today: students who sat in school each and every day. Students who may have walked the same land as you. Maybe. And they were not so much different than us. Heck, for all you know, Thomas Edison was a pervert. "We begin all the same way. Learn the same things. But what you do with what you learn, that, is what distinguishes you from the rest of the world." - (Candice A. Anderson;me.)

You don't set goals for other people. You don't do things to impress others. You don't get good grades for your parents. You do it all for yourself. And in the end, hard work pays off. I promise.

So what do you think?
Goodnight for now.

I hope my rant was inspirational.


Candice Audrey Anderson(:

P.S. About Columbus Day & Christopher Columbus, why do we have a holiday for a jerk who loved slavery? He didn't even discover America, "the New World". He wasn't even the first European to discover the Western Hemisphere. I mean, what kind of explorer was he? He got lost 7/10 trips. (My Social Studies teacher taught us all this.) So yeah. Adieu for today.

P.P.S. We have another volleyball game tomorrow. Wish us luck. (Mainly, me, because I'm athletically challenged most of the time. )


Lexi Williams said...

Longer school days? At least I'm homeschooled. But I've got friends that go to public school (ones that I talk to for hours on the phone a day)!
I'm sure it will be good for Lexi (Kahn) though. Hopefully it'll keep her from being arrested again. She said next time that happens she's gonna be shipped off (not kidding).
-Lexi (Williams)

Ebony said...

I find it silly that Americans take off an entire season, and have like, a 3 motbth holiday.
Not only do you end up bored and hve nothing to do, but you forget half the stuff youve learnt the year before.
Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

i think they should make school days longer over there. Over here in Australia, we only have 2 week holidays and you guys have like 3 month holidays. It's pretty ludacris.

Tori said...

Ok summer vacation is the only break that is almost 3 months long. Plus I kind of agree with Obama there. But I go to camp for a month every year and if he makes school longer I might not be ablt to go. So I'm with Candy on this one. I don't know why America strives to be so different. It's very strange.

adriana said...

i agree with Obama's desicion 100%
and yes, your rant was inspirational!


Hadhafang said...

Yes, Columbus was a godforsaken idiot.

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