Saturday, September 5, 2009

Macquerie Island

I may or may not have forgotten to tell you guys, but i went to Island Macquerie this week. It's a little island about 8 miles around and it is simply gorgeous. My mom, dad, Sophia, and I went there, and it is rare to have a vacation where we are all there;because my dad travels a lot; he is the University of (Stalkers aren't cool) men's assistant gymnastics coach;so the team travels a lot for competitions. I hate getting off topic.

We lived in a hotel off the island because the ones on the island we uber expensive;Comfort Suites. I had to really rush that morning and make sure I had all my stuff ready to go because at 8:00am I had to get a sports physical and then at 9:00am I had to rush to my school and turn in the emergency card, get my schedule and all that.

The drive was 4 and a half hours long. Or so said Mapquest. But my dad is a pretty fast driver, so we got there in three. On the first night, we explored Macquerie. (It is a city; in the state where I live; at the very tip of the state.) My mom has never been ther before so we showed her around. The water is the purest, so clear, and so beautiful. Macquerie is famous for their fudge. At night, we went to Macquerie Crossings and watched the outdoor laser show. It was spectacular. I felt like we were in a club or something. Super cool, even though I don't have any pictures to show you.

On the second night, we spent basically the whole day there. We rode a ferry over to the island. Of course, it was beautiful. The houses, the lake, the horses... imagine Westeria Lane. Now make it into an island. Yeah. It smelled like horse poo, but it was worth it and at least it wasn't as bad as last year. I felt like I was back in time. No cars, no motor vehicles except for boats. For lunch, we ate at an irish pub on the island. I couldn't make my mom go into the haunted house.

We also fed Funyuns to the seagulls. It's nice to know that they have good taste in junk food. We rented bikes and rode all the way around the island. The whole 8 miles. A very historical place. I almost fell off the stairs on the way up to the arch stone (see picture above of the big hole.) Sophia fell asleep while we were bike riding. I guess she got tired of the perfect peacefulness of it.

Taking pictures was fun.

Sorry for the photo spam. (:

On the Macquerie Bridge.

Don't bother trying to search up Macquerie, or Macquerie Island. I changed the Macquerie part. To protect the innocent people from the weirdo stalkers out there. Mainly, to protect me. Not much of a literary post, but I hope you do enjoy the photos though.

You know you love me,
The Candy Countess(:


Anonymous said...

The photos are really nice and relaxing :) And thanks for the comment!

adriana said...

i love the pictures! especially the one with the bridge. glad you had fun on your vacation!


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Looks like you had some fun. Lovely photos.

adriana said...

i read your comment, and yes! i think you should definitely start a photography blog since you're good at photography and you take so many pictures! will you follow mine?


Hadhafang said...

OOH! :D I think I know where you went!!! :D :D Does the island's name ends with a silent 'c' ?

Very pretty pictures btw, nice! :D

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