Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angst, angst, angst!


School starts in less than two weeks and I have mixed feelings about it. Though I'm not too excited about all the work and having to see all the typical high schoolers that I would rather not see, I guess I kind of want school to start just so I can take my mind off things. Just so I can do my homework and go on robot-girl mode and just not have to think about anything. 

I don't know. This summer holiday went by so quickly I don't even remember anything, although looking back, I wish I'd done more than just loiter around the house on tumblr, etc. That's why I want to go back to school. Just so I feel like I'm doing something productive. This summer has been... rather angsty for me. It has been a summer of a lot of ups and downs and mood swings and I have no idea why. My parents have been pissing me off more than usual this summer. It's really odd. There are some moments where I feel like I could cry forever if I could, but I haven't had a good cry in ages. I feel like that is what I need. A good cry, and then I wouldn't feel like shit all the time. And nothing even happened. I can't tell if I'm just going through a rebelling, angsty teenage phase or if I'm actually depressed.

I also need to be a better daughter and help out around the house a lot more often.

Anyway, I'm sorry for blabbing but I just had to vent. Me and my first world problems. There are kids starving around the world and here I am whining and such. I'm such a horrible person.

Tomorrow is going to be busy day. From 9:00am-11:30 I have to go to sophomore orientation and then I have to be at the school at 4:30pm for band rehearsal and then to prepare for the football game, which will most likely end at 10pm.

And alas! Marching season begins.


Hadhafang said...

I'd say dont worry about it too much: focus on what makes you happy. If it helps, keep a journal. Not like online blog type, but actual written. Writing down things that annoy you, or what you dont like about yourself can help you change your attitude and become a better person :)

RDYN! said...

Every year I hear those stories of regret of not spending the most out of the summer time. But I'm sure you will do fine when the school year starts for you again. You have 2 weeks until it starts, and I have 4 weeks until I graduate and leave High School forever.

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