Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tumblr and How It Ruined the Concept of Blogging (and other some stuff irrelevant to anything)

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And admittedly, I have one. What I don't get, though, is how reblogging other people's photos and posting photos of yourself up can be considered blogging. There are exceptions of course. Traditional bloggers do that, and more: they talk about music if they have a music blog, they talk about their own life, their interests and etc. But when people are just getting tumblrs because it's the new "thing", and then just go on there and reblog other people's photos and be all like, "Hey! I'm a blogger. Check me out", I don't know why... it just frustrates me.

People frustrate me. Specifically people who do things just because other people are doing it, or because something is "in" and "cool" and they have to do that or have one too because they want to be cool. They may not even realise that they're doing that, but, I don't know - people who go with pop culture and what's currently "in" just bothers me.

Why not do something else for once? Be unique? Stand out from all the clones in the world?

Be yourself and do what you want?

----------other stuff irrelevant to anything-----x

Today is the last day before we go back to school. School. I think I hate that word. I hate how it sounds. I hate having the feeling of going back and worry about the pressure of keeping my grades at a perfect 4.0, homework, midterms and people who I don't like. Now starting tomorrow, it will be back to waking up everyday at 6:00am. 

I told myself that I was going to take advantage of going to sleep early, because with so much homework, I always end of going to bed at 11ish. It's absurd that my teachers give us so much homework. The stress mainly comes from history where our teacher gives us packets and packets of homework each week full of stuff that she doesn't even go over. See, if she actually taught the stuff to us then we wouldn't need to have so much homework. That's the problem. She doesn't teach us stuff. She just gives us work, tell us what we already know, and expects us to finish it. It's neck-breaking. Add geometry homework. Yeah. 

But it's a new year and I am going to remain positive. Try not to stress out and worry about every tiny thing. Especially grades. Mainly grades.

I've got friends to look forward to and band. ♥

I'll admit that high school is actually pretty fun. The most fun I've had since elementary school. Just minus the homework and it'll be amazing.


J.Cee said...

I see you're in band as well. As a qualified 'band nerd' I am obligated to ask you what instrument you play.

Thanks the uplifting comment you left on my blog. You're such a wonderful person and I love your blog too.

J.Cee said...

RE: I play the clarinet ^-^

rosanguyen said...

I understand, I can never call tumblr a blog... tumblr has defined its own definition which shall only be ever called "tumblr"
P.s With my headers, I usually take one photos I really like and subtract a doodle from it. Tell me if you're still interested.

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