Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Adventures of Candy and Friends...


I really had quite a splendid four day weekend. The four day weekend was due to the fact the we had parent-teacher-conferences, and '"professional development day", is what I think it's called.

So why was my weekend so wicked? 

Speaking of wicked brilliantness, guess who went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? This girl! Oh my gosh. It was amazing. Utterly bloody brilliant, as Ron would say. There were three "ahw" moments for me, since I have a sense of never crying at movies... I just go "ahwwwwn." Those moments were:

  • At the very beginning, when dear Hermione had to use the obliviate charm to wipe her parents' memories of her as to protect them. (So sad.) :'( 
  • When Hedwig died. (Noooo! J.K. Rowling, why? I mean, writing in Hedwig's death was so unnecessary!)
  •  Dobby's death
There were also plenty of cute moments too. Like when Harry and Hermione were dancing in the tent. Some people thought it was awkward, but to me it just really showed how close they are to one another. Oh, and near the end when Bellatrix was torturing Hermione and she was screaming and Ron was yelling out her name... (ahww.) 

Ooh, and other scenes I loved:
  • The beginning, when Ginny asked Harry to zip up her dress for her, and then George sneaks downstairs and just stares at them while they made out and then after she leaves, gives Harry a look. Tee-hee, that was just too funny. (Ginny's got game!)
  • After George got his ear cut off and made that joke and... ahww, I just love the twins so much. I'm going to cry when Fred dies in the second part. :'(  Why?
One final thing though - how come Peter Pettigrew didn't die?!

Anyway, I dressed up as a Gryffindor - my costume was wicked brilliant. ;D 

I went with a group of about 15/16-ish people. 'Twas me and my friends + Zach and his friends. Everyone dressed up. It was a pretty epic group. :)

There was a lady from a wild-life preserve who brought in an actual owl. It was stellar. 

I also went and saw Guys and Dolls at our high school, the 1955 musical featuring Frank Sinatra and Jean Simmons. Our drama department put up a musical. They were fabulous, as well. We have some talented actors and singers. (But of course, none will ever surpass the great Francis Albert Sinatra.) ♥ 

And today, I went to the University of Michican vs. Wisconsin football game - the last game of the season with one of my best friends sisters, and though we lost epically, I took plenty of photos, that turned out pretty well. 

So yeah, that was my weekend. (I have one more day left, but I doubt anything exciting will happen tomorrow. I'll probably be catchin' up on sleep, relaxing and studying.)

So comment. Opinions, etcetera? 

*BTW: Hello to all the new followers! I'm sorry I can't check out your fabulous blogs, though I'm sure they're all amazing. But why don't you introduce yourselves? :) 


rosanguyen said...

I watched the movie yesterday! Amazing wasn't it. I don't know it was awkward in some places, great in others. And the moment when Hermione and Ron are playing on the piano. IT WAS ASDLHALSJHDASKJH ADORABLE,

Kay said...

There's nothing better than having an awesome weekend... especially those that include PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAYS!

But yeah, I haven't seen the movie yet... I'm hoping to see it on Tuesday (when movies are cheaper at my local theater, haha)

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