Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is not a title.


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Okay. So I'm not sick anymore. Yay! I didn't have a great week, but it ended amazingly! Let me tell you about it. You see, last Wednesday, something happened with my lens that totally ruined my week. It was on a tripod. A really, crappy, non-sturdy one that was once used for our old film camera. It was less than a foot off the floor, but it toppled over onto the carpet. Well, half of the carpet, but I didn't really think that it would do anything. It didn't. Not a single scratch. Everything was fine... except something jammed in the crappy kit lens and now AF won't work. I mean, MF does. And I'm cool with that. (Go to my photography blog to see the two new photos I took.) 

I guess it will help challenge me to be a better photographer, but... I'm missing Auto Focus.

I might send it in to Canon and have them check it out. It's free, and then after they evaluate what's wrong with it, they can tell me what I can try to do to fix it if I don't want to spend the money to fix it. Or if it's under warranty, they can just fix it automatically. If it costs a lot, I'm probably just going to leave it as is and save up for a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

So I was really depressed all week because of that. 

But yesterday made up for that. Totally. 

Once again, we [our high school marching band] had to go to the varsity football game to march in the pre-game, half-time, and post-game show. We were [as always], amazing! During third quarter, we had break time, to "socialise". Me and my friends Tristan, Tori, and Olivia went to the bleachers to find some friends to talk to. We ended up talking to him and some of his friends for the whole time. I loved it. :) It totally made my week. 

We all have plans to go to the Harry Potter premier together, and to hang out. Me and my friends Tori, Skye, Haley, and Olivia are going as Deatheathers. (Don't hate. You know you love Voldy.) Plus, I do NOT want to go as Cho Chang; I do not like her and I'm pretty sure no one does. His friend Joe is going as Voldy, his friend Caitlyn is going as Luna, and we're trying to convince him to go as Harry. Bahaha! xD

*thoughts trail...*

I hope we can hang soon... 

ANYWAY. Check out the photos on my photography blog and leave a few comments. Thanks dolls. 


Skye said...

No remember I'm going as a gay deatheater! ( I don't know why you guys are always messing with that Harry boy! He's sooooo cute and have you seen his friend Ron?!!)

Kay said...

ahahah I laughed when you said that you refused to go as cho chang :D

aww that really stinks about your auto-focus D: If it makes you feel any better, I don't even have manual focus on my camera so I have to focus on my fingernails or something to take a bokeh shot haha

rosanguyen said...

Aww deary my timothy can't connect via usb anymore :( I want a new lens as well not sure what but I'll find out what I want. Preferably a macro/telephoto or another... And nice layout header :)

Jessica said...

Aww, sorry to hear about your lens! AF is great but I think manual will help you become a better photographer too, sucks for self portraits tho :(

The 50mm lens is amazing, save up for that and you might not even use the kit lens anymore, haha.

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