Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Force is not with me this week...

Mood:sick :(

Hello, all. There are a number of things that I would like to share with you guys in this post. As you can see as my mood, I am sick. And I feel miserable. I hate being sick. I love the Autumn time, because it's so pretty, and there's lots of photo-opportunities, but I dislike how everyone seems to get sick a lot during this season. So my two sisters (two of my best friends, that is. We practically live at each other's house, and we're so close that we call each other's moms, "Mom".) are coming over and we're having a movie marathon and we're just going to chill. We are going to watch Bride Wars, Where the Wild Things Are, Becoming Jane, Harry Potter, and any other movie we can find. 'Cause we're cool like that.

I am LOVING high school. There was really no reason to be nervous. I love it! ♥ 'nuff said.

For English, we have to write a short story. That's quite difficult for me, because you guys know once I start writing I can't stop. Even "about me's". I can't write short stories because they all turn out to be super long. Hey, I'm a novelist type writer. Short stories just don't do well for me. I have a few ideas, but the plots are too deep and long to be a short story. So any ideas for short stories? I would just to hear some!

P.S. I aced my first Geometry and Pre-Physics test of the school year! :)

P.P.S. As you can see, I changed the layout and header. And yes, the header photo is one of my own. How do you like the changes? Do tell. 

More importantly, I would like to inform you of a tragic event. Here's a post my dear blogger friend, Adriana wrote:

"A few days ago, my neighborhood was flooded. The worst destruction happened to Sharayah's (my best friend's) house. It was 3 in the morning when she heard a knock on her garage door. Thinking it was her mom, she opened it and water rushed into the house and it went from 3 inches to 4 feet deep in an instant. Her house is completely destroyed and covered in mud now. Luckily, everyone got out safely. Thursday, I walked through the house trying to take it all in without going bonkers and I felt like I was in a movie. It didn't feel real at all. There were a couple of news vans interviewing victims and that made it feel like that little part of the world was being put on a platform for everyone to see. I always thought nothing bad would ever happen to the small town I live in. I never thought that the most destruction would be inflicted on the most Christian family I know. Is God throwing curve balls at them to test their faith? Or is Satan trying to ruin them? A year before this happened, my friend's brother, Karey, got in a car accident that should have killed him. He was driving down the road, distracted with his iPod, when he lost control of the car and he slammed right into a tree. The doctor told the family it would about 2 years until he'd be able to talk and walk properly. Miraculously, only 2 weeks past and he was already talking perfectly fine. A month later, he was walking perfect again. If he didn't have a scar near his eye, you wouldn't have even guessed anything happened to him. Right before the flood occurred is when everything seemed it was going to be okay. Sharayah's mom was doing great at her job, they had just bought their new house, they were happy as ever and things seemed they were finally settling down. Suddenly, this happens and... it makes me feel so confused. Why do bad things happen to good people? I'm just asking all of you to pray for her and her family. All of the walls in their house are busted out and all of the family cars are destroyed. They just moved into that house a year before and everything is ruined, but as Sharayah put it, "You can always buy new things, but you can never replace family."

We would love your prayers to go to her friend, and those whose houses were flooded because of the flood. Please give them your prayers.


Leona said...


Hm, I don't know, in a way I like having disabled the comments. I mean, I miss out on some possible feedback, but if it were really crucial they could leave a message at the tagboard anyway.

Get well soon! :(

It's nice that you're liking high school, by the way. Personally I still don't find it all that great, but oh well.

God bless your friend, and all the people in her neighborhood.


adriana said...

Pearl, thanks so much for posting this. It really does mean a lot. May the force be with you always.

P.S.: This is the answer to the question you asked me on my profile picture: I don't come up with the poses. I pretty much just dance in front of the camera and so do my friends. We aren't creative AT ALL when it comes to making up poses. I wish I was that creative but nope.

Leona said...

Oh, for the layouts, you have to revert back to the classic layout/template. (I forgot the proper terminology, but it's something along those lines.) Then you copy-paste the codes for the layout, and it should (ideally) work fine. When you revert to classic you lose some features, so mostly you have to hand-code when you're writing about-me's and stuff. :)


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