Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Confess.


It is Monday and I'm feeling the familiar draining of energy come back to me. Weekend-wise, I had a spectacular one! Friday: The day of the Band Festival* - all the bands have been preparing for months; I'm happy to announce that our band got all Number I ratings from the judges (the highest rating possible.) Saturday: My dad and I went to the library (yes, because I am a huge dork), then to the grocer's, then to Border's where I got this amazing book called THE BEST SONGS EVER for Piano/Vocal/Guitar. There's a bunch of sheet music and songs in there that I absolutely love! (ie: Edelweiss, Georgia On My Mind, Unforgettable, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Memory...) Finally after ~ I went to my friend Natajha's birthday party (pronounced Na-TAH-Juh) and it was really fun. So yeah - I had a brilliant weekend.

It has been incredibly warm outside these past few days which may be the reason why I've been feeling so happy lately. The sun is out and it's 48 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is incredibly warm for where I live. I was just outside on a walk with my friends Tori and Nessa just a moment ago and I wore was a light jacket which is refreshing after having to wear our huge Winter coats for forever.

School is great! Except sometimes I worry about my future. That's the thing about me: I worry too much. I mean I have had straight A's for as long as I can remember. So why is that not enough? I guess it's because I have pretty high expectations for myself, and so do my parents. But I'm slipping. I've never gotten below an A- on a test I don't think. So I checked my grades online yesterday and I saw I had gotten a lot of B-s and a D- on my Algebra tests. I remember thinking (wtf?)

#1: Sometimes I feel secluded; outcasted, even when I have all of my wonderful friends and family around me. Sometimes I feel like an outsider even with tons of people around me. Does that ever happen to you?

*Band Festival - Bands all across the nation have to do this. Usually it involves only the bands in your county and if you do well you go to the state-wide band fest. Judges judge your band based on on well your intonation, interpreting, and tone quality are under difference circumstances. 1) You have to play one march ensemble, one overture, and one selected tune & the judges rate you on different matters. 2) Then you go into a different room and play two pieces that you have never seen before and you have to play them /perfectly/. If you do well and get a total rating of I you get a blue medal and the chance to go to states.


Kay said...

what a brilliant sounding weekend :]

... and don't worry too much about your future so soon, it's obvious you're going to do wonderfully :D

Anonymous said...

That's great to here about your band^-^
and yes I do feel like that sometimes.
that book you bought sounds great!-even tho i don't play piano:)

rosanguyen said...

No matter how often you blog about another day. I still find your school days much more interesting than my own.

adriana said...

Sounded like an awesome packed weekend! I hate mondays.

And you are too darn lucky! I have never got straight A's in my life and your school days seem way more interesting than mine. You're going to great in the future, so don't worry!

Gingerbread Cookies,

Leona said...

Whoa @__@
It's a confession.

I was recently considering making confession posts. (To be honest I actually have a few planned out. XD)

And I'm just about to post my first :P (Well, officially first.)

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