Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Vent.


I like this picture because I can relate to it in a way. You see - there's this misperception of me that some people make; actually two: 1) I'm shy, quiet, & innocent or - and this is just like, three people - 2) I'm stuck up & cold. How come? I donno. It's just that I'm a quiet person by nature. And in some ways I hate it. I hate when people say, "Oh Candy? She never talks. She's very quiet." Most people don't understand. When I'm around my friends/BFFs I'm a whole different person (ie: loud, obnoxious, clumsy, crazy, perverted, weird...) I don't even know why. I guess I'm just not like some people who are extremely extroverted and talkative in general. That's just not my nature, I guess. You have to allow me to warm up to you.

According to an Introvert-Extrovert quiz I took, I got Quietly Extroverted.

You love going out and having a good time, be it with a large group of friends or your significant other, however, you don't mind chilling out either. You'd be better off living in the city, but the outskirts of a major town is good too. You're capable of holding an intelligent conversation if the mood really strikes you. You're not quite as annoying to an introvert, but could be if you don't learn when they're not in the mood for talking. You're willing to try new things and can keep a secret.

Close enough. All the quizzes I took said the same thing, or that I was pretty well balanced. But not a lot of people see it like that. Gosh, I just hate how people ask,"How come you're so quiet sometimes?" or "Candy never talks!" Really, people, really? 'I don't talk...? You don't even know me. Maybe I don't talk to you because I just don't like you. That's what I say in my head sometimes.' Yeah, that's mainly the reason why I don't talk to some people. It's just that some people at my school are so immature. Mostly the boys.

Okay, I'm done rambling. (;


Kay said...

haha good point you make x]

I hate it when people assume I'm quiet, and it's pretty much always someone who doesn't know me :p

Leona said...

I can relate. People always think I'm quiet, and I'm not at all.

Hadhafang said...

Ahaha yes... boys are so immature. ;)

adriana said...

You have no idea how many times I've been told, "Why don't you talk?" and blah blah blah! So I can totally relate. I am crazy, clumsy, and weird around my friends; so pretty much all the things you listed minus the perverted part [I'm just not like that... haha, that kinda makes me laugh].

And the boys are so... icky in middle school and extremely immature.

Clouds and Muffins,

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