Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's all make believe, isn't it?


There are so many cruel people in the world; sometimes it's hard to believe that there are still nice people out there in the world. But what does the word nice mean? According to Webster, it means Pleasing, Agreeable, "a nice time"/"a nice person"/"socially acceptable". But then it occurred to me that nice people don't always get what they truly deserve. Is there such thing as being too nice? You read those stories and tales with morals at the end: the nicer girl gets the prince, the evil girl is banished to forever work as a maid. In the real world, it's not always like that. I once read an article called Want to Get Promoted: Stop Being So Nice. Usually, it's the fiercer girl who gets the guy, the nastier woman who gets that job you've always wanted. Sometimes you have to remember - the world is not always a nice place. The friendlier people won't always get what they want. Most times it's the aggressive girl or guy who gets the nice things. But you have to remember something. You don't have to constantly have it together all the time & you don't always have to be nice to people. Just don't ever lose your morals; be a good person; respect your peers, respect others, and most importantly - respect yourself.

Hello goodbye,


reanaclaire said...

well written..nice can be generally a word that describes a positive note.. nice .. simple and yet pleasing.. :)

Kay said...

so true...
and so sad... why can't nice people get everything they deserve? D:

Leona said...

Life is unfair; the nice ones don't always get the nice things :)

Samantha Reed West said...

Agreed. (Life is Ironic)


Isha Ethera said...

aw yes.

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