Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once Upon a Year.


In 2009 I...
[ ] Dumped someone
[ ] Was dumped by someone
[ ] Dyed my hair
[ ] Failed a class
[ ] Fell in love
[ ] Had love at first sight
[ ] Had more than one boyfriend/ girlfriend
[ ] Snuck out of my house
[x] Stayed up all night
[ ] Cried because I missed someone
[ ] Had detention(s) (I can't remember a single one!)
[ ] Missed curfew
[ ] Kissed someone who I regret kissing
[x] Danced crazily with my friends all night
[x] Gained confidence
[ ] Lost a friend
[x] Gained new friends
[ ] Changed my look

In 2010 I want to...
[x] Be more outgoing
[ ] Get better grades
[x] Care less about how I look
[ ] Care more about how I look
[x] Be crazier
[ ] Get a new bf/ gf
[ ] Stay with the bf/ gf I have right now
[x] Keep my resolution
[x] To be more of myself around people

In 2009, my age was: 13 > 14

A word to describe 2009: Fine

In 2010 I will be turning: 15 (Holy f**k that's old!)

Something I want to happen in 2010: Something magical. [;

Something I don't want to happen in 2010: Become sad or depressed

My theme song to 2009 would be: Hmm, not sure.

My favorite colour in 2009: All the colours of the rainbow. ('Tis true.)

My best friends in 2009: October, Tori, Nessa, & Emily

Honestly, will you miss 2009: I don't think I'll really miss 2009. One thing I remember was that I felt sad and depressed lots of times. So, honestly, no, not really.

*Stole from Ebony.

1 comment:

Ebony said...

Lol, awesome! you stole my quiz! And you linked me. Oooh, I feel so special now =)
Haha, and you think 15 is old. But I'm already 16 =| ...scary.

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