Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It must be...


Winter is here early,
as always.
It snowed last night,
freezing rained this morning,
and now the wind is
coming from the South West
starting at 35 mph to 49 mph
so says

It has been like this the
whole day.
During school I thought,
that we would have a blackout
or something like that.
Because the wind was
making the lights
flicker, on and off,
on and off...

Yesterday was awesome.
It must have been the snow that
cheered me up.
But today - I'm not really that well.
I feel sort of sad.
And I don't know why.

It must be the weather.
Or PMS or something.
But I feel really sad;
That's such a weird word.

I don't want to think about
anything right now.

Life is so boring
if something doesn't happen
soon - I'll explode.

Why do I feel so sad?
...Must be the weather.
I hope.

photo (c) by anonymous


adriana said...

i'm sorry you feel sad. like i said in my blog post, i feel rather sad as well because of the weather.


you're lucky it snows where you live! we got barely any snow last friday and everyone started to freak out because it had been so long since it snowed (5 years maybe?)

sorry about the long comment!


Mauricem said...

Great picture. Very solemn and symbolic of loss. Having the lights flickering on and off would freak me out.

Leona said...

I sure wish you'd cheer up soon :)

Always remember you're not alone.

And, awesome picture!

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