Monday, December 7, 2009

Lonely and Cold

Today was the first
snowfall of the season;
it fell with such grace,
lightly, gently.

I was in Social Studies,
2nd hour.
Boring myself whilst
looking out the window-
I spied tiny flakes of
Mother Earth's frozen tears.

How bluntly I sat there
in my desk,
tuning out Mr. _____'s words,
watching the snow fall.

There's something magical
about Winter;
something lonely and cold.

The snow didn't stick.
I'm surprised that
the snow didn't come sooner,
considering where I live.
Winters are long and cold
here in _______, and Summers
are warm and short.

I'm reading a book named
GO ASK ALICE by Anonymous.
It's an actual diary of a 15-year-old
drug user.
It's really deep & complex;
and it's really made me think about
the generation we have today and
how lucky I am.
How you and I are; sitting here.
Not getting high or abusing drugs.
You should read it.
Like I said, it's really deep.

Thank goodness for books.
I love books.
I wouldn't know what to do

11 days.
Until my 14th birthday:
not sure what I'm going to do
I don't want to grow up.
I want to stay a child forever...
but I can't.

Okay - I have to go.
My mom is starting to nag me.
Why do moms always nag?
I guess it's their thing.

Until later.
See ya.

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Anonymous said...

i've heard the book book but i wasn't sure on what it was.

Rosa ;) said...

isn't deviantart awesome :)

I like the picture you chose :)

Mauricem said...

This is an amazingly literate and poetic entry. Very well done.

Vinay Rai said...

there is no worse feeling than being lonely and when you are lonely and in cold weather, it adds to the misery.

Leona said...

Another nice picture :)

I have never seen snow. You're really lucky. I wish I could see snow, too.

Yeah; we're really lucky to be better off than around a million other youths in the world who're getting high on drugs. Maybe I'll get to read that book sometime :D

Advanced happy birthday!

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