Sunday, November 1, 2009

Into The Velveteen Sky


Poem © 2009 by Candice A. Anderson. All rights reserved.

I wish, I wish,
I could disappear,
without a word,
into the Velveteen sky.


I'll ascend down into the water with the fish,
and please, don't come for me dear,
for that would be absurd,
for you, also, to whisper goodbye.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder...can you be far?
Fly me away into the moon.
I hope, I hope, I can see you soon!
Okay, so I've been writing a lot of dark poetry lately. I'm not sure why. Don't panic! I'm not gonna consider suicide or anything like that...ever. I guess it's sort of my way of venting. Anyway, don't be lazy;leave a comment will ya'?

P.S. How was your Halloween? Mine was pretty fun, even though it was too cold where I live, so my friends & I didn't get a much candy as we did last year. Last year, our pillowcases were nearly filled up. But weather here is pretty unpredictable. So, how was you Halloween?


Anonymous said...

I love the peoem(!) and the pic. =) My Halloween was good i was 'Miss Joker'

adriana said...

i read this on deviantart! i love it. and i was charlie chaplin. my halloween could've been better.

glad you had fun!


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