Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The United Nerds of America


So I'm in Algebra I; usually a 9th grade class. But I'm only in 8th grade. Last year, eligible math students got to take the Algebra test to see if they could pass it and get into Algebra one year early. You're reading the words of one proud nerd, honey. My friend Aaron somehow got into 10th grade Geometry and he has to walk over to the high school everyday for math. (Hehe, nerd!) Anyway, here is one of the problems we have to do on our math homework. I couldn't freakin' figure out what x equals! X, the 23rd letter in the English alphabet! Here's my proposal, friends. I'll have a contest. Whoever figures out the solution of the problem (correctly!) gets a personlised banner-award from me. After I get my homework corrected, I'll tell you what the answer really was and who got it right. (God, I feel so dumb right now.) I'm sure those of you who are in high school could figure it out easliy. Turn on your nerd button! GET SET - GO!


Think you've got enough brain power? Comment-post your answer below! <3

Love always,


Rosa ;) said...

x = 3.

Hahaha its funny, we (australia) don't have a separate subject just for algebra. LOL But we have levels of maths.

Tori said...

I can't get it either. But I'm doing my hero essay on you!!! Love ya Candy!

P.S my blogs back online.....

Rosa ;) said...

-(18+x) = 2(11-6x) + x
-18 - x = 22 -12x + x
-18 - x = 22 - 11x
-x + 11x = 22 + 18
10x = 40
x = 4


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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