Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saying goodbye is the hardest.


It has been so hot outside recently, you have no idea. Yesterday was the worst. Yesterday, we had to march in the Memorial Day parade (our school marching band). While we were quite successful, it was so hot at some parts I felt like I couldn't breathe. I'm proud of ourselves though. It was also an audition for us to play at Disney next year. Not to uh, brag or anything, but we looked quite splendid compared to the other schools who marched. We were in full uniform so we looked professional. The other schools just wore t-shirts and shorts, which I think, is disrespectful. I'm pretty sure that one of the other schools called us "stupid" for wearing full uniform. I'm sorry, we're stupid because we have a lot of pride, and we want to be respectful for those veterans who have fought for our country? Uhm, okay. Right now, it's 90 degrees. It's going to be a bit better tomorrow, thank goodness. 80 degrees - still hot - but better than what we have now.

Today, the fire alarm was pulled twice. TWICE. Once before lunch, and once during 4th hour. I was quite angry. First of all, I wanted my food. Second of all, It's way to hot for this, especially twice. It was pulled FIVE times last Friday, when it was the last day for seniors. And it wasn't even a senior who pulled it because all the seniors are gone already. You wouldn't believe the immaturity that goes on in my school. -_-

BUT I'M GOING TO MISS ALL THE COOL SENIORS, GAH. Band is going to suck without them.

I have only 8 and a half days left of school, and I can't wait. I can't wait for band camp and endless where I can take photos all day with my camera Ron. I have a feeling I'll be quite bored though since I have no plans. What I really want is a job this summer. I want that iPod classic so badly, plus band tees that sit alone forever waiting in my amazon wishlist. ;D Plus a tons of bands are coming here this year and I have like, no money now so I need money for concert tix. I'm such a greedy little child. 

Finals are coming up, so I should probably go study. Later guys! 


☆ ayu☆ said...

well..i do agree..when schools have marching bands they should always remember that it is best to have full uniform.

RDYN! said...

Its always amusing reaidng your blog when I hear you're experiencing the heat. Australia has just hit winter.

Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh, I can sympathize with the heat-stroke, sky-high temperatures (I'm in the tropics for a bit). I've been spending my days in the sun, and I suspect my face is melting slowly from my skull. I'm rather intolerant of heat.

Good luck on your finals!


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