Monday, May 23, 2011

I've run out of creative juice to think of a cool title.


Today was my last day of tennis practice, and though I should be a bit sad, I'll have to admit that I have a sense of relief. I get two hours of my life back that I could use to procrastinate, or focus more on schoolwork because Lord knows I have too much going on right now, now that the school year is almost over and teachers are handing out projects and assignments like crazy. I have to make a poster for and for "section leader tryouts", and I have this stupid project in Geometry and science. And they're all due on the same exact day. -_- Do teachers not get that we have piles of assignments from other classes or do they want to just give us so much work that the stress inside us burns like fire?

On a lighter note, I ordered Star Wars Clone Trooper headphones and I'm in love with them! :D Yeah, you jelly?

On Friday, I went to a school play called Nevermore: The Final Mystery of Edgar Allen Poe. And like all school plays, it was quite awesome. This one in particular. Our athletic program is rather sucky but our arts programs is the best. :) It really made me want to join drama next, but I don't want to drown myself in extracurriculars and so many advanced classes that I completely break down, you know? But it would seem like fun.

Only 12.5 days left of school. Tomorrow is our band concert, and Wednesday we have band rehearsal from 6 -9 to get ready for the Memorial Day parade. Reminds me of marching season when we have 6-9pm practices every Wednesday. God I can't wait to march again.

But for now, I have to do my homework that I've been avoiding, so ~~~ 

talk to you all later! Keep me updated!

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Elisa said...

Aww, no more tennis practice? :(

Sounds like you had a good time at your school play! I have always thought drama would be fun to do. But I am not dramatic at all (There is some sarcasm in there... :P) lol
Elisa :)

☆ ayu☆ said...

i miss having a school play :/

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