Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 - Your Sibling (or closest relative)


Dear little sister,

You're getting bigger and brighter each and everyday, though I'm not always around to see it because of school. I want to try to keep this letter simple and sweet. 

There are times when your tiny, three-year-old self gets on my nerves. I'm sorry for all the times that I may have taken my anger out at you, yelled at you, done anything mean or anything like that. But c'mon, you gotta admit, you're a bit annoying at times. ;D But - I have to remember you're still just a toddler and you have no idea how what you do effects others. 
You're just too cute to be innocent. :)

Just know that your smile always brings joy to my heart, like no other person. Not even a guy.*wink wink* It's true though. Your smile is so heartwarming that it even makes the winged seraphs of Heaven sigh. 

I love your ability to make me happy or brighten my day just by smiling goofily at me or doing something silly and adorable. I want to be there for you always, little sister. I love you, regardless of how I show it/will show it once you get older.

I want to be there for you when you lose your first tooth, when you first learn how to ride a bike, when you get your first kiss, when you get married, when you read your first chapter books, when you when you're 60 and I'm 72 and in wheelchairs (let's hope we won't need wheelchairs!) listening to Frank Sinatra and Rise Against. :)

I want you to be able to come to me for anything, absolutely anything. When we're both older and our parents are being a douche and won't understand you - know that I will. When you have boy problems (your big sis will beat 'em up for you!) Anything. 

I love you

But for now, savour your childhood and have the most fun you can. Don't forget your imagination and innocence and open-mindedness; never forget those things when you grow up.

Okay, so that wasn't exactly short but oh well. :) 


(30 letters. Concept from Adam Holmes @ Tumblr.) 
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