Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 - Your Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

There are many things that I'd like to include in this letter, but I'll try to sum it up in a few, even though I'm positive that you may never even read this letter. Nevertheless, I still think it's necessary to be honest. Not only in this letter, but in all of the letters soon to come.

Truth is, I'm so terribly afraid in letting you down. You both put so much effort into raising me to be the daughter and person that I should be. That I hope to grow up to be. You both put in so much time and love to help me be happy and successful in the present and the past. So much hope stuffed into a single person. But oh, I try my best to be the best daughter I can be. Because I love you guys so, so much (and I'm not just saying that because you're my parents.) Still, I know I haven't been the most helpful lately and I'm not sure why. I try though. I do try, regardless of how many times that I didn't listen, or do what I was supposed to do, or maybe even back talked a little bit. I'm selfish sometimes. A lazy, selfish teen, and I'm so sorry for that. I'll try harder to change, I promise. I want to prove to you that I don't take all these things for granted and that I do want to be the best daughter and person that I can be.

At the same time though, sometimes I get so tired of your constant nagging. Of stuffing all of your hopes and expectations into my lungs. At times, I feel like I want to burst. Sometimes I just wish you'd let me make my own decisions. I want you, Mom and Dad, to allow me to make my own mistakes and learn from them. There's so many things I wish you'd let me do, because I know that I can do them! It just takes patience and time. I CAN do them. Though I know you mean best, I just wish you'd understand me better; try to see through my eyes. I wish you'd understand that you're never too young for love. (But what do I know, right? I'm just a kid who's experiencing love for the first time, and you're two grown ups who have been married for 19 years, 20 on December 31st.) There's something adults need to understand though: you guys are not always right. I'm the happiest that I've ever been and no one could ever change my feelings. Oh dear, I just wish you could understand and see how happy he makes me feel. How much we truly care for each other. How... amazing he is. How happy we make each other feel when we see each other. I wish you could see that...

Well regardless of anything that I've written above, or said to you in the last 14 years, I want you two to know that I love you and I'm going to try my hardest in being the best person that I can be. I won't let you down. Just have faith in me, as I do in you, and everything will turn out alright in the end.

I promise.


(30 letters. Concept from Adam Holmes @ Tumblr.) 
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