Monday, September 27, 2010

Is there such thing as being too joyous?

Mood:bursting with joy

Is it possible to burst with joy? If I get any happier, I think I just might. I'm not sure how to deal with this emotion. Last week, I was down and having a horribly depressing week, and this week I'm bursting with joy! How awesome is that? Oh gosh. I hope I don't have bipolar disorder? 

I have so many plans this week. 

Wednesday, Marching Band Rehearsal
Thursday, My sisters from another mister's 14th birthday!
Friday, Possibly going to the corn maze with him (Okay, I'm just going to let you guys know that his name is Zach. Because having to type the word, 'him' all the time is annoying and slightly confusing.) his friends, and hopefully some of my friends can make it too! ♥
Saturday, I'm doing a senior portrait for someone! And I'm getting paid! Isn't that the greatest? :D *Any tips and advice is welcome, as I'm not totally sure how the whole process goes.

Next Friday, October 8th: Homecoming game. I'll be marching in the show with our amazing band! :D 
Saturday, October 9th: Homecoming dance! Okay. So here's the problem. I need help on making from decision with you guys. I trust you guys, my readers, followers, and fellow online friends. I trust your opinion and advice. So here's the thing. Zach asked me to homecoming, and there's a part of me that wants to go and there's a part of me who doesn't feel like going. It's not him. I'm pretty much crazy about him. ;) It's just that it annoys me how girls have to get another dress, for every dance occasion and the guys can just wear a tux. What's with that? I don't want to have my parents spend more money for me on another dress that I'll probably just end up wearing once. Again. Should I borrow from a friend? And also, none of my friends (well, most of friends anyway) aren't going. And sometimes it's hard to be open and loud and outgoing and myself at times when I'm not around my friends. I'm just an itsy bit shy. HELP HELP HELP? ADVICE? :) And ASAP? PLEASE?

Okay. I should go do my homework now. Yeah. 

I love you guys,


Ebony said...

Either borrow from a friend, or buy it yourself? Isn't your friend paying you for photos?
But if you say no to him, you might give him the wrong idea.
I think you should, go, and try and enjoy yourself without your friends. =D

Jessica said...

If your friends aren't going, I guess you can borrow one or maybe wear an old one? If you're really into him, I say go for it and spend a night of fun :)

As for your senior portrait day, I hope the day is bright, finding some good solid backgrounds (eg brick walls) or some trails/trees, and make sure you get full body and head shots with good depth of field and bokeh (:

rosanguyen said...

I'd love to help you out but I'm a social retard :(

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