Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Dreams We Keep: Childhood Memories


caption: me, in my first hometown, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. approx. age 3/4

Yesterday, while looking through elementary school scrapbooks from each grade that my teachers made for us, I came across my 1st grade scrapbook, which had some pictures, and several pieces of writing in it. Curiously, I opened it, wanting to reminisce on how wonderful my writing was in 1st grade...

The first piece I came across was a sticker story, where we had to choose stickers and draw pictures to make a scene and write a story about it. Underneath a sticker of a boy and a kite, a schoolhouse, and a grassy hill, was exactly this, in poor, childish handwriting:

"one time a Boy name Max wnte to school whis a kite sundley it faloow up all the wey. But thne he had a ide so he wnte to get a later so he did thne he got it so he is happy The End"

My first grade teacher was Mrs. Hargrave, who I remember well. She was really nice and was actually very pretty. (: The next piece was a sentence expressing what I was thankful for. It was captioned underneath a cute, childish picture of a puppy, what appears to be my mom, my dad, and my friend (with stick arms, mind you!) :

"I am thankful for My family My friends My dog and Emily and everyone even Kaileigh."

Next, underneath a creepy looking picture of "Santa", and a crappy looking Rudolph, was a letter to Santa. Once again, this is exactly what I wrote (including capitalization and spelling):

"Dear santa,

I Love you I woude wute a butterfly nuckelcse how are you Duooing how are your ringdeur how are Mrs. Santas plese snad a Pictier werv you Live."

Next: a picture of a scary looking doctor, and two injured people:

"When i grow up, i want to be a doctor bucause it's fun! it have lot of thing and it have a lot's of people."

A letter to the tooth fairy:

"Dear Tooth fairy,

Did you take my tooth? Next time I loose a tooth Please give me 100 dollers. and put it in a safe place.

P.S. I love you and plese take it."

And last, but certainly not least, a letter to the Easter bunny:

"Dear Easter bunny, I hope you have a great happy day. I wonder if you know where my dog is she is blacke and have a pink koller. i woude like her bak, plese find her for me."

Looking through those brought back great memories of my hometown, Norman, Oklahoma. Of course, I don't live anywhere near there anymore, (I moved during 4th grade), but I think it'll always be my hometown. :)

I'll see if I can scan up pictures of the writing stories/worksheets that I just told you about above.

* * *

If you're bored & impatient, then you might want to stop reading now. Otherwise, you may keep reading. ----------->

It has been SO incredibly hot outside, yet, we have been marching outside everyday for the past few weeks. (We = the Lincoln band). We're getting ready for the Memorial Parade, which we will be participating in on Monday. Tomorrow, we'll have to march for 2 hours. OUTSIDE. I can barely stand 30 minutes. Well... at least I get to miss gym class.

School goes out on June 11th. And then I will become a 9th grader, a freshmeat. (; But I find it stupid that we have to participate in a million reherhals for high school band. And the Fourth of July parade, and we HAVE to go to band camp. They should have told us earlier in the year.

My mom is a small-business owner. (She sells jewelery, wood art, hair accessories, stuff like that) and we're going to Indiana in the Summer. I'm going to help her with her shop and babysit Sophia sometimes. By the end of Summer, I'll have enough to get the Canon Eos Rebel XSi/450 that I want. If I'm not able to work for my mom this summer because of high school band stuff, I'll be crushed, because I'm looking forward to it really bad.

*Phew* Long post today. Keep me updated. What're your summer plans? Leave a comment or two about anything I've written in this post.


adriana said...

aww you looked so adorable! and the letters made me lol. so you've decided to get the XSi? awesome! i love my camera and you'll love that one too as if it's your own child :]

oh and today a very unintelligent guy walked up to me and asked, "why are you so quiet?" and i replied, "maybe you're just too loud, HA!"
i wanted to share that because you get asked that question too :]


P.S: i call him unintelligent not because he asked me that, but because he really has no brain. don't you hate when people act like that?

rosanguyen said...

Awww you're so cute. I don't think I'd be able to recover stuff from year 1 or anything in the youngest years of schooling. I'm pretty sure most of them have been thrown out... its been a decade since I was that young.

Jewel said...

You were cute. I am looking forward to my little one writing things like this when he starts school soon. Your Easter bunny letter made me laugh.

Leona said...

Wow. That's long. :)
You're adorable in that picture.

And the letter to Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are nice. :))

Kay said...


"ringdeur"... that made me laugh :]

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

youre so cute!!!!!!!!!!and somehow..i miss my childhood in your post :D

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