Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Miss My Pencil...


So you're wondering why I'm pissed off. It's always the littlest things that set me off. Someone stole my brand new pencil. It must be! It wasn't on the floor! And you're thinking, "Pshh, it was only a pencil." Wrong. It was my favourite pencil. One of those really awesome, clear, expensive mechanical ones. My friend borrowed it in the locker rooms during gym, put it back on my agenda, and everyone had to go out into the gym for warmups. EXCEPT when I came back ... it was gone! Poof.

Oh how I miss my pencil. D:

So I'm obsessed about my pencils. So what? Lots of people are obsessed with little things... right?

I must catch the culprit and get my pencil back! You should help me by telling me what to do!


Kay said...

I believe the only solution here is to set a booby trap

then you'll get the culprit! >:]

rosanguyen said...

Awww thats crap. I hate people who steal my stuff.

RE: Ohhh so pe is mandatory Awesome. But how about english, maths, history, geography that sort of stuff. Isn't that mandatory until senior school?

Gasai said...

aww sorry to hear that.. i hate that too.
i think we should set up surveillance to catch these sneaky culprits! pencil stealers geesh arghhh!

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