Saturday, April 10, 2010

In These Masks, We Hide.


(Recently taken photographs!) [:


I'm deathly afraid of going back to school. Spring break is almost over and once we go back to school we'll be starting our unit on reproduction and we're getting our final electives of the year (I'm probably going to get gym, because I haven't gotten it yet. I don't mind psychical activity - it's the people I don't like.)

Been feeling very musically inspired lately. Still teaching myself how to play the guitar. (: I'm still trying to think of a new name for it. Aiden was the top choice from last time, but I thought it was a little too edgy for an acoustic. Would love some more (gender neutral, hopefully?) suggestions. Yes, I like naming inanimate objects.

I swear I'm not crazy.


Kay said...

aww the apple picture's so cute :]

what about Sandy? whenever I think of gender neutral names, I always think of Sandy for whatever reason, haha

Gasai said...

i love the pic of the apple.. so creative. love it :)

p.s now following you :)

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