Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where the Bluejays Sing


There is a place, West of the sun, where the bluejays - hidden among the trees - never stop singing, and where faeries slip in through your windows at night, sending you sweet dreams of butterflies gliding above the gossamer lake. When the Earth says hello - you will smell the scent of honey syrup - for it's the fire elves' doing, stirring up sweet honey for your delight.
You will find yourself lying in the field of a thousand summers, relishing in the Earth as you listened with your eyes cloed, to the trees telling you its innocent stories, ringing even long after - in your ears.
Or perhaps you'll be lying in the field by Gossamer Lake, transfixed upon the waternymphs, whose voice lure people into the murky waters, devouring them up like a wolf.
Before you go to sleep, you will sit out in the open air by the fire as millions of fireflies dance around you like tiny eyes - winking at you. The place where you can reach up toward the sky ad touch the stars. It's magical.
'So where is it?' you ask. Oh, but see - I cannot tell you the secret. This place where the bluejays sing - hidden among the trees in your backyard. It's there.
Waiting for you, always...
All you have to do is close your eyes
and see.
It is always there. The place where the blujays sing...
[Copyright © 2010 by Candice A. Anderson. All rights reserved; no sticky paws!]

Well hi everyone. I hope you like the photos and the piece I just shared with you guys. I actually took those photos a while ago but I just wanted to share them with you guys. (The piece of prose, too.) The new year has brought me a lot of happiness recently. For some reason I feel revived, new, and refreshed this year. I remember last year there were a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs) for me but so far this year life has been truly wonderful. (Yeah I know I sound really cheesy saying that.)
Yesterday Tori and I participated in Solo & Ensemble Festival. It's a place where band students all across the county play pieces for judges and see how good they are. The highest rating you can get is a 1 (blue medal), the next highest is 2 (red medal) and 3 (no medal). I did a duet with Tori. She played the trumpet and I played the flute and we got a number 1 rating! Phew. I know I'm definitely relieved that we got a 1 because know we both know that our hard work really paid off. Now that that's over with...
Midterms are finally over too. Wanna know what I got on them?
Math: 80% B-
Social Studies: 100% A
Science: 100% A
Language Arts: 98% A (She marked me down two points because supposedly "I needed to make more eyecontact & talk louder? Wow.)
I mean I'm really happy that I got mostly A's but I'm not satisfied. I could have gotten an A on math and 100% on the Language Arts "exam". It's odd. Math is my favorite subject and it was the lowest score? Go figure. I just wish I could have gotten better scores on math and at least two points better on the Language Arts. Haha. It's this thing that comes with being born into a 100% Asian family. Academics are a big thing.
Anyway I'm sure you don't want to listen to me blab all day. So I'll talk you yall people later.

All you need is love,


rosanguyen said...

My gosh you get good grads.
Its absolutely hard to get marks like those.

Leona said...

I like the piece :-bd

And you got really, really good marks. Congratulations.

☆Ths[Schrei]☆ said...

oh wow! cute and lovely blog! :3 !

Betsey said...

that sunset is unbelievable! wow, so pretty! and you are such a great writer.

i wish i made such good grades! I am happy to hear that you've been having a fantastic year. i feel much the same as you, very refreshed, and just happy. such a great feeling. :)

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