Friday, January 29, 2010

i'll watch the sunrise with you.

"How do you spell love?
"You don't spell it,
you feel it."

+In case you forgot who you are,
turn around to the people who loves you.
They would remind you of how beautiful
you are.
+What if you could run away
and leave it all behind?
+Love is blind.
That's why we kiss
with our eyes closed.
+You make me happy,
and I'm glad.
+I believe in magic. Do you?
+You've got me smiling again.

All you need is love,

P.S. You guys should check out Chocolat Dreams & Strawberry Kisses (Tori) - she's pretty awesome. So go,go, go check out her blog!


rosanguyen said...

love the "think positive" picture.

thats all I got to say :)

Kay said...

This post made my day :]

Anonymous said...

i love the 'love is all you you need'
i have a sudden urge to play with chalk, but not so sure how that would work out seeing as though it's winter...

MoonFlower said...

This post is magic = )

Anonymous said...

thank you!
and you welcome

Leona said...

These are from Tumblr posts, right? XD
I saw them a little while ago, too.

Betsey said...

ooh these are beautiful. i love the "you are never alone" one.

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