Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dying of the Light

Once upon a time,
you were my candle.
You were my light.
Now the light's fading away-
away, away, away,
but we ignore it.
Watching as the last shadows
immerse us in a hopeless
heap of blood.
And now, it is gone.
Gone, gone, gone...

Poem © 2009 by Candice Audrey Anderson. All rights reserved.
Photo by BaselMahmoud via. deviantART


Anonymous said...

love the poem, the picture fits perfectly ^-^

G.lam said...

a passerby through blogcatalog.

Luv the poem. actually reminds me of how i felt when I was going through my last relationship ... Sometimes when its gone .. u just have to let go ...

awesome blog ;)


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