Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Do You Spell Fun?


Today I was supposed to go to my volleyball tournament. But I didn't. Apparently, we were supposed to meet at 7:00am. But I thought we were supposed to be there at 7:45pm for the bus. The bus didn't come. And all the other people had their parents drive them to the other school. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for me because my dad is currently in London, England for the World Championships (one of his gymnasts is there representing Ireland) and my mom had to go to work really early so I couldn't make it. =/

But it must have been a sign or something, because I had an even better time. I (actually, we, because I brought along Sophia), ended up going with my HOME SKILLET WAFFLES/SISTERS BY THE SOUL (Tori & October;the twins) to a huge mall! We had a ton of fun! They had a HUGE Hot Topic and a lot of neat stores. I bought another Gir shirt. Now I have two! Yay We also went to Claire's and Tori bought a three piece set Friendship necklace. One of them is neon green, one of them is neon pink, and the other is yellow and they say: Best. Friends. Forever in silver. And then dangling from the chain are paperclips with those colours mentioned above. (Mine is the neon pink one!) Tori also bought us matching zipper earings to match. We also had Mrs. Field's Cookies...


Then we went home to their house and we played Guitar Hero III and ate pepperoni pizza. I love these girls. They are the best friends sisters anyone could have.
This is what I got at the mall today:

zipper earrings from Claires(: - thank you Tori!

Gir shirt from Hot Topic - $11.64
NOT PICTURED: neon pink pin friendship necklace

I had fun today. What about you?


P.S. Darn it! So many projects are due next week! And exams begin this Tuesday. I have to go study...? (Pshh, yeah right.)
Okay, so me and my friends are going as zombie nerds for Halloween. I'm either going to be a zombie jock nerd (sort of ironic, isn't it?) or as a zombie band geek! (lol!) But I don't have any nerd glasses. I know they used to sell them at Forever 21 but not anymore. So where can I get some (cheap) nerd glasses? I need them before Halloween.


adriana said...

well, i have two pairs of nerd glasses. one of them i forget where i got them and the others are 3D glasses (i popped the lenses out) :P

i know they sell some at Hot Topic, but they aren't very cheap...
hope this helped at least a teensy bit :)

oh, and i think they sell some at Icing too!


Natalie~ said...

Do you have Equip over in America? I found nerd glasses there.

Tori said...

You know I'd do anything for my sister. And I love u too!

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