Sunday, August 23, 2009



  • Rosa: 1334 songs
  • Candy: 714 songs
  • Natalie: [dropped out]

Bragging rights & awesome award poster (edited by the awesomeness of Candy) goes to Rosa Nguyen!

I hope everyone had fun participating. Hopefully we can do it again sometime... and with a new host. (Hehe, it will be like the Olympics! FUN!) If you'd like to host the 2nd Annual iPod Battle/2010, please post a comment & include your

Date You'd Like The Battle To Be On:

Don't let go of your Summer yet;live.

1 comment:

Rosa ;) said...

I could host the next challenge :)
Name: Rosa
Date You'd like the Battle to be on: Starts at September 2009, and finishing date November 20th, 2009
Prizes/Reward: Picture, done by me & Shameless advertising of their blog or "thing" on my blog weekly. For two months. So til the end of 2009.

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