Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heart Song


Poem & words below copyright © by Candice A. Anderson. No sticky paws!
© by

At night, the town is quite silent,
like the deep sea,
except for a whispering
in the breeze.

All alone, walking on an endless road,
walking toward that distant voice,
always looking for the small blue light.

My heart is lost,
please find it for me.
Please call me with your heart.
I'll be waiting for you here.

I promise I won't leave you, cause
we haven't even met.
The glimmer of hope in my soul,
is shining...seeking for you.

I'll never again forget you.
I'll be searching for you
until I find the one for me...


adriana said...

i love this poem. very creative ;)

RE: Rocksports is the place where i get my designs printed on the t-shirts i'm going to sell for the clothing line! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I've been writing stuff on my other blog thing:

Tori said...

U got all the talent and what do i get? Squat thats what! :D great poem by the way!

schare said...

sorry i havent dropped by in.. ages! D:

omg, did you write that yourself?!
it's great, i love it :)

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...


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