Friday, March 18, 2011

a serendipity of photos.


Peter is the wolf.
Death Blossoms

These are all photos that I took recently. The first one, I had that idea for awhile. The paper wolf mask was something Sophia got at the public library during story time. I wanted to do something with it - preferably outside by the woods - but 'twas too cold, so I just took it in my room. I'll probably be using it for other shoots too. The last two, I took just last night when I went to my friend Rachel's house for a movie night. I love her house and her room... she has a whole wall that is just chalkboard and I drew the Rise Against heartfist logo on it. Spring always gives me a sense of inspiration... probably because it's warm, and there's so many thing to take pictures of outside. See more of my photos here!

Something happened this week. I made the tennis team! Dude, was I ever so surprised. I didn't expect to make the team at all because it was the first time I've ever played tennis and at first I wasn't even sure if I wanted to have that commitment of having to go to practice everyday, etc. because I'm terrified of commitment. But the first practice was today and I have to say - I had a lot of fun! 1. I'm actually not bad at it. 2. The girls are so nice! I mean, volleyball was cool when I did it in like the 7th and 8th grade, but the girls weren't exactly my type of people... The tennis girls are super cool, and a few of them are even in band like me. :) I'm beginning to think that I might actually stick to this sport and let it be my 4 year sport.

Next Tuesday are symphonic band tryouts. I hope I make it, though a lot of people already said I have a really good chance of making it because I'm really good (not to sound egotistic or anything ;D) I'm in varsity band right now and the difference between Concert, Varsity, and Symphonic is that Concert/Varsity music is easy and not challenging at all, and the people aren't serious about band. Symphonic is aabsolutely amazing. Mostly upperclassmen and a few underclass, but all of them are serious about people, mature and the music is challenging, but so beautiful and worth it. My section leader even told me to try out for both symphonic and section leader, and I just feel so accomplished to be able to have people who are already in symphonic/are section leaders to say that to me. :) I hope I make it! Wish me luck when I try out next week!

And I'm done rambling, seeing as I don't really have much else to say and you guys probably get pretty tired of hearing about my boring, pathetic life.

Tell me an interesting story about you or anything interesting that has happened to you.

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Elisa Kate said...

Aw, I don't think your posts are boring! :D
I am so glad you made it into the team!!! :D
You play an instrument? (You probably said something about this before...but...) What do you play? ^_^
Also, I love the paragraph you have above the comment window. Eons and eons of online sites. xD Totally cool. lol

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